Jakarta, March 27, 2024 - Who doesn't want an efficient and enjoyable kitchen? Toshiba, a trusted electronics brand in Indonesia, offers practical solutions for cooking with its small cooking appliances products. Starting from rice cookers, air fryers, microwaves, to induction cookers.

Toshiba is committed to supporting Indonesian families in creating delicious dishes with authentic taste.

In order to celebrate Ramadan together in harmony, Toshiba collaborated with WanitaIndonesia.co and MamaSuka to hold an interesting Cooking Demo event. Chef Andre Susilo from Mamasuka will present a Mamasuka style Spaghetti Sardine & Sushi menu, as well as Mamasuka mango sago drinks, using Toshiba products.

"We are proud to hold the Toshiba Gathering & Cooking Demo event, as an opportunity to directly introduce our newest product to the mother community. We hope that the participants can experience how our product innovation is designed to make cooking easier, especially for mothers who have an important role in keeping the family warm through delicious food." Said Jack Ding, as President Director of Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia

Apart from that, Product Manager of Small Home Appliances, Edgar Ong, also stated that this event was a concrete step to introduce Toshiba's newest products specifically to mothers in Indonesia, who are our target market.

"Through the cooking demo session, the mothers here can experience firsthand the ease of cooking with the superior features of our products which can produce quality, healthy and delicious food," said Edgar.

Toshiba offers a variety of cooking appliances products, starting from rice cookers with the strongest pots that can produce healthy and delicious quality dishes, besides this product is equipped with Induction Heating technology which produces healthier rice with low sugar content.

Apart from that, there is also an air fryer with precision heating technology, an environmentally friendly microwave, and an induction cooker with Double Power IH technology for more efficient cooking.

With its superior products, Toshiba is committed to being a loyal partner in serving delicious and healthy iftar and sahur dishes for Indonesian families. With efficiency without reducing the quality of cooking, Toshiba products are the best choice for special moments with family and closest relatives.

Thus, it is hoped that the presence of a series of Cooking Demo events with Toshiba products will support happiness in your kitchen, providing unforgettable, precious moments with your family.