GR-RB410WE - PMF(37)
Flexible Drawer - Anti Bacteria
2 Door Series
The freezer is at the bottom so you don't have to bend down to get your daily food and drink needs.
  • Flex-Zone

  • Multi-Air Flow

  • Origin Inverter

  • Pure BIO

  • Mega Ice

Morandi Grey
2 Door Series
595 X 701 X 1.724
Dimensions (WXDXH) (MM)

Flexible Drawer

The Flex-Zone drawer can be moved to the middle or bottom compartment of the refrigerator.

Multi-Air Flow

Even Cooling Airflow

Cool evenly to every corner of the refrigerator with low-temperature fluctuations for the longer freshness of each ingredient.

Pure Bio

Deactivating Bacteria In Food

Keeps vegetables and fruit fresh for a long time

Origin Inverter

Stable Compressor Performance and Saves More Electricity

Inverter technology in the compressor provides stable performance in flowing cold air into the cabin and saves more electricity.

Mega Ice

4x Bigger Ice Cube Box

A box of ice cubes has a size 4x larger than usual and is stored in the box so it doesn't mix with the smell of food.

Dimensions (WXDXH) (MM)
595 X 701 X 1.724
337 L