Green RO (NF) + UV Water Purifier, 8 L, Plastic Tank, Puretrac Display, Last Point Purification, Replaceable Tank

Toshiba Water Purifier is designed to keep water fresh and safe for drinking. It has an intelligent PURETRAC display tracking water levels and on-going water purifying functions.
  • Green RO (NF)+UV

  • UV Shield-Last Point Purification

  • Replaceable Tank

  • MRP : Rs. 23,990.00 (inclusive of all taxes)


Green RO (NF) + UV Water Purifier, 8 L, Plastic Tank, Puretrac Display, Last Point Purification, Replaceable Tank
  • 8 L
  • 40W
    Power Consumption
  • Feature

    Plastic Tank

    Chances of water contamination in the tank increase over years of usage. Toshiba's replacement tank design provides the consumers with the additional feature of ensuring safe and healthy drinking water.

  • Feature

    Last Stage UV

    Drinking water stored inside the tank for a long duration may lose its freshness. This leads to bacterial growth. Toshiba Water Purifier has a Cold Cathode UV Lamp that's positioned between the tank and the faucet. Every time you push the faucet to dispense water, the UV lamp deactivates bacteria that might have developed.

  • Feature

    Puretrac Display

    Being intelligent is being smart. It is even better when you act smart by choosing Toshiba's Water Purifier that comes with PURETRAC display. This feature tells you all that you want to know about the functioning of your purifier. It also gives out crucial information like an indication to change the filter, water level inside the tank, service reminder, functioning of the UV etc.

  • Feature

    Dual Protection Tank Cover

    There are two layers of protection. The outer cover (1st protection) provides a layer of protection that can be easily removed to check the water inside. The inner tank cover (2nd protection) with airtight sealing ring prevents contamination from outside impurities.

Green RO (NF) + UV Water Purifier
Green RO (NF) + UV Water Purifier
Purity Matters
  • Applicable TDS : ≤ 500 ppm

  • Effective Purifying Capacity of RO: 3000 L

  • Life of UV Lamp: 5000 Hours

  • TDS Reduction: ≥ 70%

Product Dimension (WxDxH)
34 x 25.5 x 48.5 cm
Packaging Dimension (WxDxH)
39.5 x 31.0 x 60 cm
Net Weight
8.2 kg
Gross Weight
9.6 kg
Puretrac Display
Multistage Purification
Pipe Manager
Plastic Tank
Product Details
1 Year
Common Name of Commodity
Water Purifier
Net Quantity
1 N
Country of Origin
Manufactured by
FOSHAN SHUNDE Chungu MIDEA WATER Purification Equipment Co. Ltd 2/2F , No1 Workshop ,68 Guangle ROAD, Guangjiao Community Neighborhood community BEIJIAO Town, SHUNDE, District FOSHAN City, CHINA
Imported & Marketed by
Midea India Private Limited 1st Floor , Pearl Tower, Plot No. 51, Institutional Area, Sector 32 , Gurugram, Haryana – 122001 , India
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