Jakarta, March 7, 2024 – Toshiba, a well-known and trusted electronics brand in Indonesia, officially launched its newest product line for cooking equipment (small cooking appliances).

Carrying a theme “Next Living Harmony”, Toshiba, through its 11 newest products consisting of 4 categories, namely rice cooker, air fryer, microwave, and induction cooker, is committed to supporting Indonesian families in creating delicious dishes with authentic taste.

First, there are two types of rice cookers offered by Toshiba, namely the digital rice cooker with a pot thickness of 4mm, making it the thickest pot rice cooker on the market today. Apart from durability, the thickness of this pot affects the level of heating efficiency where this pot is able to cook rice evenly and quickly. The next variant is a rice cooker with Induction Heating technology which produces heat more evenly and faster. This rice cooker is also equipped with low-sugar technology which can reduce the sugar content in rice by around 40%, making rice healthier for daily consumption.

The second product is an air fryer with precise heating technology. By using a Toshiba air fryer, consumers can cook their favorite foods with an even and perfect level of doneness.

Furthermore, microwave products are one of Toshiba's steps to becoming an electronics brand that participates in environmentally friendly actions. Even though it comes with a low electrical power of 450 watts, consumers don't need to worry about the quality of the food served.

Lastly, the induction cooker or better known as the induction stove and embedded Double Power IH Technology which produces strong and efficient heat to make cooking easier for consumers.

“We realize that to create a culinary dish, various supporting things are needed, one of which is cooking equipment. The presence of Toshiba with its newest series of products such as rice cookers, air fryers, microwaves, and induction cookers is a manifestation of our concern. commitment to being a tool to help cook healthy and delicious dishes that can be enjoyed at special moments with the family." – Jack Ding, President Director of Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia.

This event is proof of Toshiba's definite steps to provide the best through technological innovation in its 11 newest products. Departing from the theme being carried, Toshiba ensures that the quality and deliciousness of the traditional to modern menu will be maintained through the embedded features.

"With the launch of this latest product, we emphasize how Toshiba can be the only solution for the family kitchen. Especially before the month of Ramadan, the series of cooking products from Toshiba can certainly be very helpful in serving iftar and sahoor meals efficiently without having to bother cooking. reducing food quality." – Anton Widjaja, Head of Product Marketing for Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia.

Toshiba introduces smart cooking solutions that simplify the cooking process and also add to the best cooking experience. Smart kitchen appliances equipped with advanced technology provide users with intuitive control and automation features, making the cooking process easier and faster.

Not only that, Toshiba also realizes the importance of sustainability in modern life. Toshiba is serious about practicing environmentally friendly electronics branding in its product design and technology.

Touching its target market, Toshiba collaborated with cooking womanpreneurs through mini cooking demos and mini talk shows to increase the hands-on cooking experience and overall introduction of electronic technology to the millennial generation and generation Z which created the harmony of #HarmonyinDetails at this launch event.

We invite you to explore the new world of cuisine that We are creating, where tradition and technology blend into one. This is not just a product launch, but an offering of our love to culinary lovers in the world. We hope that the presence of this latest series of Toshiba products can support happiness in your kitchen, bringing precious moments with your family and closest relatives.


More details: https://www.toshiba-lifestyle.com/id