Yogyakarta, 15 November - Towards the end of the year, Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia (Toshiba) has not stepped down. In fact, the company, which has been part of the Midea Group since 2016, actually looks aggressive by introducing its newest household electronic devices.

This entire new collection brings a variety of developments aimed at enhancing a better user experience to support a modern lifestyle. "We intend this collection to be the answer to the needs of Indonesian families for the presence of electronic devices that offer better interactions and various features to support a modern lifestyle," said Jack Ding, President Director of Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia.

He further said, this new collection of Toshiba has a total of 19 products. Regarding its availability, it will run simultaneously in various leading electronic stores and online sales platforms in Indonesia.


Toshiba's New Refrigerator, Smart Family Nutrition Keeper Keeps Freshness and Cleanliness

The latest collection of Side-by-Side refrigerator series GR-RS780WI-PGF(22),  emphasizes intelligence in maintaining the freshness and cleanliness of the food and beverage ingredients stored inside.

Origin Inverter technology was developed based on inverter technology that saves electricity and provides a high ability for this refrigerator to distribute cold temperatures evenly throughout the storage cabin. This refrigerator comes with Dual Alloy Cooling, which takes the form of applying a metal layer to its body, this refrigerator with a capacity of 592 liters has a better ability to maintain a stable temperature inside.

“The key to food freshness is not just keeping it cold. But it's more about keeping it at the same temperature with a small level of temperature change," said Arman Zendrato, Product Manager for Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia. According to him, this is what makes the collaboration of the two Toshiba refrigerator technologies provide great benefits in maintaining the freshness of the food ingredients stored in it for longer.

Even specifically for fruit and vegetables, Toshiba pinned a unique setting to adjust the required humidity level. Located on a special shelf for fruit and vegetables, a feature called MAX-Humid Fresh is equipped with a Mist Charge Unit permeable film, Toshiba patented the technology to maintain a humidity level of around 90% inside the crisper. This technology allows the user to make optimal humidity settings for fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, to maintain the health of its users, Toshiba has equipped this newest refrigerator with PureBIO technology. In addition to providing comfort by neutralizing unpleasant odors resulting from the mixing of aromas between the food stored in it, this feature has the ability to eliminate and slow down the process of developing bacteria attached to food.

Strengthening its presence as a modern lifestyle support device, Toshiba has embedded the TSmartLife application on this side-by-side refrigerator. Apart from being able to make various operational settings for the refrigerator through the application, this application is equipped with a Home Away Mode. Through it, users can lock the refrigerator so as to prevent it from being accessed by other parties, including children, who may potentially cause harm.

Adding to its convenience, an alarm will automatically sound if it is found that the refrigerator door is not closed tightly. Even more sophisticated, users can use this application to contact the after-sales service directly.

Toshiba has also launched the GR-RF610WE-PMF (37) multi-door refrigerator and the latest GR-RS600WI-PMF (37) Side by Side refrigerator collection which already has a seven-layer air supply or SEVEN-LAYER AIR SUPPLY. This latest collection is also equipped with IoT Wifi TSmartLife to make it easier for users to make temperature adjustments remotely.


Front Loading Washing Machine, Elegant With Cleverness and Cleaning Clothes

Toshiba also launched the latest washing machine category Front Loading (Front Opening) with the T11 and T15 series. This washing machine is prepared to be the best generation in its current class.

Comes with a capacity of 10.5 kg and has superior features, namely Ultra Fine Bubble. The form is in the form of nano bubbles which are sprayed into the gaps of the clothes with the ability to remove stubborn stains and keep clothes smelling good.

In addition, this washing machine is also designed with the Japanese Takumi spirit concept and is equipped with TSmartLife with IoT technology that allows users to manage laundry remotely.

The Steam function which uses water vapor for washing has also been embedded in this washing machine. The use of this function provides washing with a sterilization rate of up to 99%. Still related to sterilization, the Anti Bacteria Gasket is embedded to protect the front door lid from bacteria so that the clothes will be maintained.

Toshiba is also introducing its line of top-loading washing machines as the most popular washing machine category in Indonesia. Toshiba's development steps can be easily seen even from the design view of the T04 and T06 series washing machines with a capacity of 7Kg, 8Kg, 9Kg, and 10.5Kg. Its angular design, apart from making it look elegant, also gives it the added advantage of preventing scratches.

Adding to the elegant impression it brings, Toshiba designed this washing machine cover using a soft close with a glass LID. This application causes the washing machine cover to drop slowly when it is closed. On the other hand, this elegant impression also gives it better resistance in use.

Behind its elegant design, this Toshiba top-loading washing machine has high capabilities in terms of performance as well as the speed of cleaning clothes. This is partly due to the existence of the Ultra Fine Bubble feature for a capacity of 10.5 kg.

Formed in the form of nano-sized bubbles, the use of Ultra Fine Bubble allows washing to penetrate deep into the fabric fibers. "With the ability to release bacteria and stain residue to the inner fibers of the clothes, the use of Ultra Fine Bubble prevents yellowing of clothes while maintaining the performance of the clothing material longer," said Jack Ding.

Coupled with Ultra Fine Bubble, the GREATWAVES feature is the key to the ability of this Toshiba washing machine series to provide the best washing performance. The shape is in the form of three modes of water flow into the tube during washing. Starting from Push Flow which is a strong water wave for more powerful cleaning, the Gush flow mode allows washing to run thoroughly with heavy waves of water that shoot from 864 holes.

Supporting the ability to obtain high washing performance, Toshiba completes this newest washing machine with the Easy Kit. In the form of separate compartments for detergent and fabric softener, the siphon lid structure it employs allows the mixing of water and detergent to take place thoroughly thereby reducing detergent residue.

This washing machine is built based on inverter technology, this washing machine can operate energy-efficiently.


Toshiba's Sophisticated Rice Cooker Has the Ability to Improve Rice Nutrition

At the introduction of its newest product, Toshiba also introduced a sophisticated electronic rice cooker. Comes with a choice of two series, namely the Digital series with a 4mm thick pan which has 5 layers, and the Induction Low Sugar series with a 3mm thick pan made of 7 layers.

Both of Toshiba's newest rice cooker series have a pot coated with Japanese Binchotan Charcoal combined with a thickness above the average rice cooker on the market. The advantages that make it able to produce much fluffier rice.

Besides that, both of Toshiba's newest rice cooker series are also equipped with micro-pressure valve technology. Its existence makes the two series of rice cookers capable of creating a micro pressure of 300PA which is useful for increasing nutrition from rice.


The Toshiba Electric Fan Can Spread Coolness Covering the Entire Room

Toshiba's innovative sophistication also touches on its electric fan device. Going beyond the capabilities of electric fans commonly found on the market, this Toshiba fan is made with the ability to blow air to circulate space that reaches 12 meters from its location.

While talking about the strength of the blows, this Toshiba fan is equipped with an Ultra+ Power Motor which is made of 100% copper for strong wind power that can operate up to speeds of 1,100 RPM. The use of ball bearings in the machine also reduces friction and makes the motor rotate more stably and quietly.

In his presentation, the Product Manager of Small Home Appliances for Toshiba Lifestyle also said that convenience of use was also a concern for Toshiba in developing this fan. One of them is the ease of cleaning as part of maintenance. With the Easy Cleaning system, cleaning the inside of the fan blades can be done simply by removing and reinstalling them without removing and installing screws.

Further related to the launch of these newest products, Jack Ding as a President Director of Toshiba Lifestyle Indonesia said, "The breadth of these products is also a venue for demonstrating Toshiba's innovation for the needs of the Indonesian people. “Toshiba was born and known for its passion for innovation. Its ability to cross the ages proves that this innovation is truly based on what people need so that they can provide it at a rational price level without leaving attention to modern designs,” said Jack Ding.