LIVING THE TAKUMI SPIRIT - Toshiba Philippines,LIVING THE TAKUMI SPIRIT: Why Craftsmanship Makes All The Difference.

LIVING THE TAKUMI SPIRIT - Toshiba Philippines

Why Craftsmanship Makes All The Difference.

With any product, durability, design, form and functionality are all determined by the quality of craftsmanship that meticulously goes into every part, every motion and every thoughtfully laid out detail. An uncompromising resistance to mediocrity and a true commitment to excellence, perfected through years, if not generations of proficiency, craftsmanship in itself is both an art and a discipline that is always practiced in relentless pursuit of perfection.

In the Japanese culture, when an individual has developed his skills with experience, judgement and expertise, he receives the title of “Takumi”, meaning, master craftsman. While most of today’s products feature a streamlined, mass-produced sense of necessity, one can never really set aside the incredible value of human touch. Whether it’s about the time, the effort or the attention to the smallest details, the Takumi Spirit is a cherished manufacturing philosophy, brought to life by the pride of both the creator and the recipient of his creation.

It is in this very same ethos that Hisashige Tanaka founded Toshiba back in 1875, methodically molding it into the well-loved global brand that it is today. The culture, the vision and the community that it has built on the foundation of unyielding excellence constantly speaks volumes of its promise to deliver breakthrough solutions for every home. The Takumi Spirit burns at the heart of Toshiba as its guiding force through every innovation, essentially engineered with the end user in mind. Each and every product passes through a synthesis of three main values that are both traditional yet timeless, guaranteeing superior Japanese reliability combined with designs that are patterned after human behavior itself -


Devoting meticulous attention to even the smallest detail and manufacturing only using the best materials and techniques, Toshiba’s exquisite craftsmanship takes pride in realizing one’s everyday aspirations.


Creating immense value through precisely calculated metrics, pushing the limits for limitless satisfaction and accurately monitoring performance for sustained durability, precision stands for confidence and dependability.

Pursuit of Perfection

Constantly breaking the boundaries of convention, developing enhanced functionality and elevating the experience of true comfort and convenience, the brand’s pursuit of perfection is a promise to continuously evolve to tenderly bring tomorrow, today.