Toshiba Thailand., Ltd (TTC)

Toshiba is mentioned that people may learn in different views. Some people are familiar with the part of electrical devices. For example, Refrigerator, a fan of Toshiba products for a long time. Toshiba is known for its excellent operation performance. For those people who have never tried the products of  Toshiba, they may have a different view such as Toshiba on the train, at the Airport, at the Railway Station, Medical ‘s equipment's, Semiconductor and also Broadcasting. That is reflected in how Toshiba is the greatest success. Not only a world-class company but also we have a variety of product lines. It's because certain people are such a pain to deal with. They have no understanding our business. What makes Toshiba brand will become less visible. Whereas the competitors were obvious. There really is no image of Toshiba. Because we have the goals for all digital items then Toshiba's whole product line is digital. Toshiba's strengths are innovative. We spend 8% of our income for research and development.

Break the past to the present.

It is a Toshiba. With slogans. "Brings good things to life" Dr.Korn-Thanpuying Niramol Suriyasat. Toshiba was founded to persevere through many obstacles. Dr.Korn organization has established a partnership in 1960 with the super light on the area of the house into a factory. To produce lamps and wiring the building until the year 1963 has been a big boost. BOI investment in the electricity industry has expanded production to Thailand is the Pak. The original London production of over transverse electrical appliances such as fans and lights in total. The year 1967 when the electricity industry, Thailand. Exposed lead in the show. International at Huamark. As a result, Japanese companies approached us to produce the electricity. Eventually, Thanpuying Niramol Suriyasat. Have decided on a joint venture with Toshiba. Toshiba Thailand Co..Industrial Product Co., Ltd. is a fan first. As with a refrigerator, television, fan. Rice cookers and electric motors. Which is the first manufacturer in Thailand. Once this has been established.

Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd. for the distribution and marketing strategy for the product. Toshiba in Thailand. Toshiba group companies in Thailand has invested more than billion Baht In many projects. Such as the Semiconductor project. Tube color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, fan, fine. Cookware for microwave digital For fluorescent lamps and motors Lambda lyrics. This product is part of Toshiba's relocation Japan and export markets Abroad.

Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Japan and Thailand by Thailand. A 51 percent ownership stake in the business about 40 years ago as. Home appliance brands. Started doing business in Thailand. And continued to grow as a market leader. There are times when faced with a crisis, but it has survived every time.

Toshiba face strong competition in the market, so we have to adjust the strategy as a forest surrounding the city. Penetration of rural areas. Which was very successful. The Toshiba has a strong rural base. Year 2540 to the present crisis is also a time when we have a problem. When consumers buy less. The crisis is drastically once the company. Senior staff have together. Lower salaries and benefits. Themselves to reduce the cost of its employees without progesterone level. Conditions, then accept that there is a problem. The parent company in Japan is helping us very well. In particular, the promotion of Toshiba Thailand Land of products for export. The company is also well established that Japanese products were characterized as Ion blower fan. Concepts. Thailand's people to hit the Japanese market. Become one of the refrigerated market . Customer feedback as well.

Committed to people committed to the future.

Another one Toshiba changed radically the past. The image of the original Toshiba is known in the electrical appliances such as a TV or a refrigerator, which is the image that consumers perceive a long time ago. The current Toshiba. Need rebranding coincides with the increasingly fierce competition. After the financial crisis in 2540, the company had to make a difference to the brand. Raised by advances in innovation as the main selling point of the product and the brand to Rebrand to reduce down. Appropriate to target youth who are targeted by one of the company Toshiba. Thailand and around the world. Adheres to the philosophy of work is committed to People committed to the Future, which is simply that the Toshiba Thailand Good Things to Life.

Toshiba is committed by employees, partners and Peoples shoppers. Futures Society is to invest in technology and a focus on research and development. The environment is everything must be done to be honest.