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Is it safe to put my toaster oven on a laminate countertop?

It is safe to place on laminate countertops. We recommended a clearance distance of approximately 4" from the top, and sides of the product.

Why is there an odour when I turn the the toaster on for the first time?

This mild odour is coming from the elements heating up for the first time and will not persist.

Why does it look like only one of my heating elements is working?

Please check your toaster oven settings. Only one element is on when in the broil cooking mode. Other cooking modes, such as convection and rotisserie will utilize all of the elements.

Why does the blue light on my toaster oven digital display stay on?

This is normal when the unit is plugged in and while the controls are in use. The light will turn off a few seconds after no further command is entered into the digital control. If it doesn't turn off, please call our customer service line 1-855-204-5313 for further assistance.

How do I clean and care for my Black Stainless Steel microwave or toaster oven product?

Use a damp cloth with mild sudsy water - we recommend using soap such as a mild dish detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning items such as steel wool or other cleaning pads. Do not spray glass cleaner on glass door.

An extra tool was included with the MC25CEY-SS toaster oven. What is the purpose of this tool?

The tool is used to grab the hot pan. You hook the tool to the lip of the pan to pull the pan out of the toaster oven.

Why does " : " keep blinking on my microwave after the clock is set?

This is normal. This display shows that the clock is set and running.

Where can I get a replacement part for my microwave?

Please complete the Email us form on the customer support page or call our customer service line 1-855-204-5313 for further assistance with the replacement part order.

The light in the microwave is flickering. Is this normal?

The flickering is most commonly caused by a loose light bulb. If the light bulb is inaccessible, please return the product to the store of purchase. If the light bulb is still flickering after it has been tightened, this will indicte an electrical issue with the product. Please contact our customer service centre for further assistance.

How are the outer dimensions for the microwave listed?

The outer dimensions listed on the product page includes the feet and the extrusion on the backside. It does not include any spacing requirements needed for installation of the product. 

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Air Conditioners
What is the difference between ASHRAE and SACC?

Effective July 1, 2020, a new standard to rate BTU output and room cooling for all portable air conditioners was introduced into Canada. The previous rating standard, called ASHRAE did not take into account the heat and other factors the portable air conditioners were emitting into the room during cooling. A new BTU rating system called SACC (Seasonally Adjusted Cooling Capacity) has now been implemented to adjust for these factors. With this adjustment, the current BTU ratings and room cooling areas have been adjusted for a more accurate rating of the cooling capacity of the unit. This new rating is now standard on all portable air conditioners sold in Canada.

What is SACC?

SACC stands for "Seasonally Adjusted Cooling Capacity". This is a new rating system for portable air conditioners that was effective from 1 July, 2020. It represents the weighted average performance of a portable air conditioner in a number of test conditions, some of which may be more extreme than the average use case, which is then adjusted to account for the effect of infiltration air and duct heat transfer. With the change in testing, the new SACC ratings therefore may appear lower than previous ratings on the unit packaging, even though the model has not changed.

I have emptied the bucket in my portable air conditioner but the P2 error code will not go away. What do I do?

The pan uses a float inside the unit to determine if the internal water gets too high. This float may get stuck causing the P2 error to stay active. This can be resolved by giving the unit a gentle shake to correct the position of the float. If the error code remains, please contact our customer service centre for further assistance.

How do I store my portable air conditioner unit when it is not in use?

Follow the below steps: 1. Completely empty the pan. We advise leaving a dry paper towel in the base of the bucket to absorb any excess moisture. 2. Place a plastic bag over the unit to prevent any dust from getting into the unit. Dust build-up may form mould. 

Can I keep my window air conditioner in the window all year round?

No. The window air conditioners are designed for warmer temperatures. The unit must be removed from the window and stored indoors. Colder temperatures especially frozen weather may compromise the sealed system of the unit.

How do I connect my WiFi model to the Toshiba app?

Click here for a video tutorial on how to set up your Toshiba product to our app. Make sure your phone is connected to the product during Step 1 and reconnects to the WiFi after Step 2. If you are unable to connect your model, please contact our customer service centre for further assistance.

Where can I purchase a remote for my RAC-WK0512CMRC window air conditioner model?

This unit is not remote compatible and it only has mechanical control dials on the front panel. If you would like a remote compatible window air conditioner unit, we recommend our RAC-WK0812ESCWRC model with digital display. This unit comes with a remote and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Why have all dehumidifiers in North America changed their pint size capacity? What is the new equivalent pint capacity of my old dehumidifier?

The Department of Energy changed sizing requirements in 2019. See the below chart for the new pint capacity.

Approximate coverage Area Old Pint Capacity New Pint Capacity
400 sq.ft. 30 20
600 sq.ft. 40 25
800 sq.ft. 50 30
1,000 sq.ft. 60 35-40
1,200 sq.ft. 70 45-50
1,500 sq.ft. 90 55-60
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