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Toshiba's Newly introduced Bottom Mount freezer combines innovative technology with high-quality Japanese craftsmanship for a superior freezing experience with unique flex zone which can be switched according to your daily use.
  • Flex Zone

  • Deodrizer(Pure Bio Technology)

  • Origin Inverter

  • Electronic Control

  • Mega Ice

  • MRP : Rs. 60,990 (inclusive of all taxes)

Satin Grey
325 L
Total Net Capacity (L)
349 L
Total Gross Capacity (L)
Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Flex Zone
Flex Zone

Unique Flex Drawer Design ensures drawer can be freely switched to three functions as per usage

Soft Freezing Zone : Creates a lower temperature (-3~0℃) compartment  in fridge special for dairy items and Non Vegetarian Food items preservation.

Cool Beverage Zone :  Adds more space to make Drinks cold faster as compared to Door pockets

Movable Separate Zone :  Move to the upper shelf in to separate independent zone, the internal space can be effectively used to store small items

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Mega Ice
Mega Ice

Now you can keep your favorite drinks cold for longer with Mega Ice. Just one piece of Mega ice is four times bigger than a normal one and lasts four times longer. The diamond-shaped ice block can freely fall out and the sealed box keeps the odor away.

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Origin Inverter
Origin Inverter

Toshiba's Origin Inverter Technology brings Inverter Compressor and Inverter Fan.
The fan automatically senses the change of the cooling capacity of the compressor and adjusts speed in 4 levels.
High Speed: Efficient cooling, longer freshness.
The fan can automatically speed up and cool down quickly.
Low Speed: Energy saving, environmentally friendly.
The energy saving is increased by 17%*.

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Deodorizer Pure Bio Technology

Deodrizer(Pure Bio Technology)


Pure Bio Technology helps maintain the freshness and nutritional content of your food. Honeycomb ceramics absorbs unwanted smell efficiently. A combination of sterilization and deodorization, as well as the special action of Ag+ ion catalyst makes effectively reduces bacteria rate, slow down the ripening and rotting process.

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Foldable Shelf
Foldable Shelf

Maintaining the space for tall bottles can be tough. Toshiba introduces an improved design with a foldable glass shelf which offers ample room to store bottles and other tall items.

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Electronic Control
Electronic Control

Convenient Temperature Control at Top
One-key Electronic temperature control achieves convenient touch temperature setting and precise temperature control .
There are four temperature settings for more accurate and stable temperature.

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Anti Fall Bin

Anti Fall Bin

Doing more in less space for an exceptional experience is Toshiba's innovative way to provide convenience and efficiency.
The anti-fall bin offers additional storage, minimizing the risk of bottles falling.

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Utility Box

Utility Box

Perfect Storage space for Cosmetics
Cosmetics can be stored a lower recommended temperature. It is more convenient to store with a soft paper at bottom to prevent the bottle from falling

Toshiba 349L Bottom Mount Freezer with Satin Grey Door

Satin Grey Door

The simple & elegant satin grey door panel surface makes your home European style.
Delicately shiny and easy to clean

Flex Zone
Mega Ice
Origin Inverter
Deodrizer(Pure Bio Technology)
Foldable Shelf
Electronic Control
Anti Fall Bin
Utility Box
Satin Grey Door
Product Dimension (WxDxH)
59.5 x 68.7 x 172.4 cm
Packaging Dimension (WxDxH)
65.5 x 73.5 x 179.3 cm
Net Weight
60 kg
Gross Weight
67 kg
Total Net Capacity
325 L
Total Gross Capacity
349 L
Freezer Compartment
Flex Zone
Ice Maker
Mega Ice
Origin Inverter ™
Pure Bio
Deodrizer (Pure Bio Technology)
Electronic Controls
Utility Box
Product Details
Product: 12 Months ; Compressor: 10 Years
Common Name of Commodity
Refrigerator (Bottom mounted freezer)
Net Quantity
1 U
Country of Origin
Manufactured by
Guangzhou Midea Hualing Refrigerator Co., Ltd. No.5 Xingguang Road,Qianfeng Community, Zhujiang Management District, Nansha Area, Guangzhou City, China 511400
Imported & Marketed by
Midea India Private Limited., 1st Floor, Pearl Tower, Plot No.51,Sector -32, Gurugram, Haryana - 122001, India
Customer Support
Email: Website: Tel: 1800 4191 111 (Toll Free)
Step into a new era of sophistication with  TOSHIBA 349L BOTTOM MOUNT FREEZER, a masterpiece born from cutting-edge technology and Japanese craftsmanship.

This newly introduced freezer transcends ordinary features with its extraordinary offerings – the Flex Zone adapts seamlessly to your needs, Mega Ice capacity ensures you're never short on cool refreshments, and Origin Inverter technology guarantees efficient performance. Revel in the freshness preserved by the Deodorizer with Pure Bio Technology, and customize your storage with a Foldable Shelf. Precision is at your fingertips with the Electronic Control, while safety meets style with an Anti-Fall Bin. Stay organized with a Utility Box, all encapsulated behind the elegant Satin Grey Door.

In a nutshell, this freezer is not just a cooling appliance; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Powered by Refrigerant R600a, boasting Temperature Selection through a Digital Touch Panel, and flaunting a Convertible design with Toughened Glass shelves, it's a symphony of elegance and functionality.

Seal the deal with peace of mind – a Comprehensive 12-Month Warranty and an impressive 10-Year Compressor Warranty. For inquiries, our dedicated customer support awaits at 18004191111 or via email at Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of freezing convenience and performance with Toshiba's avant-garde bottom mount freezer, crafted to redefine your kitchen and lifestyle.