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Warranty Registration
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This Extended Warranty Registration is valid for Toshiba Lifestyle Products customers in India only.





    MIDEA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as the “company”), hereby warrants to the original domestic purchaser (here in after called the “Purchaser”) of the product(as detailed within the warranty Registration Card and herein after referred to as the “said unit”) that the said unit is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service and under specified voltage conditions , and that during a period of twenty four (24) months commencing from date of invoice, as provided in Warranty Registration Card, the company undertakes to repair or to replace as it deems fit in sole discretion, free of charge, any part or parts of the said unit (including accessories) which prove to be defective in material or workmanship.




    This offer is valid for select products sold to Customers across India during the period from 1st October – 30th November 2021.



    Applicable on all the models of All Washing Machines

    - Washer Dryer’s

    - Front Load Washing Machines ( All Models)

    - Top Load Washing Machines ( All Models)

    - Semi-Automatic Washing Machine


    This scheme is applicable only for sale to Customers through Midea India authorized dealers and authorized retail counters along with official E-Comm partners ( Amazon & Flipkart) and is confined to the first purchaser only and is non- transferable.

    Warranty is applicable from date of purchase i.e invoice date. In case of any such defects, Midea India Pvt Ltd undertakes to get the Toshiba Washing Machine appliances repaired free of charge under warranty period, subject to terms and condition as set out under this document.

    To avail the benefits, the Eligible Customer has to: register themselves on site with product and invoice details within 7 days of purchase or Repairs and replacement of spare parts will be carried out through Midea India Pvt Ltd authorized service provider. Midea India Pvt Ltd or its authorized service provider (ASP) will collect any parts or components replaced.




    1. The warranty shall be valid if and only if the purchaser has duly intimated the fault to the company or its authorized dealer and that the unit is in the possession of and is used by the Purchaser.


    2. At the time of repair/service, the Purchaser is mandatorily required to show the original invoice to the authorized service personnel of the Company. If the Purchaser fails to do so, then all repair work and service shall be carried out on a chargeable basis;


    3. The warranty will shall be valid only for the said period as specified above, irrespective of whether the said unit has been in use or not for any reason whatsoever, or the unit is moved from one location to another. The warranty period specified above shall include time taken for repairs, replacements, testing of unit, technical breakdowns, transit time etc. This warranty shall automatically expire by efflux of time on completion of the period indicated herein above and no notice of such expiry will be given by the company.


    4. This warranty shall stand automatically terminated in the event of the said unit being serviced, repaired, installed, de-installed, re-installed or otherwise attended to by any person, organization, agency or by the Purchaser himself (by whatever name called), other than the authorized representative/Dealer of the company.


    5. Parts of the units replaced or repaired under the terms of this warranty are warranted only for the remaining period of the original warranty period.


    6. For attending any service call under this warranty beyond the Municipal limit of the locality in which the authorized representative/dealer is situated (outstation locations), all to & fro traveling and other incidental expenses as prevailing from time to time incurred in connection with the visit of service personnel, technicians etc., shall be borne by the purchaser and shall be payable in advance. Additionally, all expenses incurred by the authorized representative/dealer in collecting the unit or any part thereof from such outstation locations and its return to the original location shall be borne exclusively by the Purchaser.


    7. Any damage/fault caused due to sabotage, improper handling or treatment, carelessness, accident fire, flood, earthquake or any act of god, or any corrosive action on the original fittings, valves etc. for whatever reasons , shall not be covered under this warranty.


    8. While the Authorized Dealers/Company will make every effort to carry out repairs/replacement of parts under this warranty as soon as the complaint is received, it is expressively made clear that the Authorized Dealer/Company shall not be liable to do so within any specified period of time.


    9. It shall be absolute discretion of the company to (a) effect the repairs or replacement of parts whether at the site of installation or at any service center; and (b) have the job attended to either by the Company’s service personnel or its authorized dealers/service centers. (c) This warranty shall be strictly limited to the repairs or replacement of defective parts specified in the warranty. This warranty shall not cover any consequential or resulting liability. (d) The warranty shall not, in any case, extend towards payments of a monetary consideration whatsoever or replacement or return of the product. (e) The parts shall be replaced by functionally operating equivalent material only and the same may be different from the one originally fitted. The parts replaced during the warranty period shall be taken back by the company at its sole discretion.


    10. This warranty is in the nature of and for the purpose as set forth herein above and in particular, the Company shall not in any event be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damages to the said purchaser and/or his property or any other third party in course of attending to any complaint.


    11. In the event of any change in the location of the unit, during the warranty period, this warranty shall become null and void unless the fact of the proposed change is communicated in writing to the authorized dealer at least seven (7) days prior to the said change. On receipt of such information, the authorized dealer or any of its counterparts shall arrange for de-installation of the said unit on a chargeable basis. However, it is expressly stated that in the event of any damage occurring to the unit or to any of its parts during the course of its transit by the Purchaser, repair or replacement of the said unit or any part thereof so damaged shall not be covered by this warranty.


    12. While the Authorized Dealers/Company will make every effort to carry out repairs/replacement of parts under this warranty as soon as the complaint is received, it is expressly made clear that the Authorized Dealer/Company shall not be liable to do so within any specified period of time.


    13. Exclusions from warranty:

    i. Noise or vibration that is considered normal for product operations like warning beeps, water drain sound , spin sound etc.;

    ii. Correcting the installation, for example levelling the product, adjustment of inlet tap/drain hose etc.;

    iii. Normal Maintenance which is recommended by the user’s manual;

    iv. Removal of foreign objects/substances from the machine, including the pump and inlet hose filter for example grit, nails buttons etc.;

    v. Replace fuses in or correct house wiring or correct house plumbing;

    vi. On-line filter, inlet/exhaust extension hoses , tap adapter , extended power supply cable, adjustment feet cover etc. thereof;

    vii. This warranty does not cover any type of painting, plating including rusting etc. or defects thereof.

    viii. Plastic & glass parts such as door, Lid assembly, Control Panel , Window, Knobs, Cabinet , Dispenser assembly , Drain Pipe , Lint Filter , Wheels / Foot etc. are also not covered in warranty.


    14. Limitation of Warranty : Company shall not be responsible for providing any warranty under the following situations :

    i. If the product is used for commercial purpose. (example: Public places such as hotels, lodging house, restaurants, dormitory etc.);

    ii. Any damage caused by any accident, mishandling, tampering with installation, or negligent in following instructions of the user manual issued by the company. If the products has been installed/serviced/repaired/opened or tampered by any unauthorized personnel;

    iii. Any damage caused by power surges and dips, improper electric circuit outside the unit or by any defective electrical supply.

    iv. If the defect is caused by insects, rats, birds, squirrels, pests or any other external factors like fire, flood, earthquake, lightning and /or any other act of God/Natural calamities;

    v. Any defect due to substitution of original components with duplicate, fake or non-genuine components;

    vi. At any time, during the currency of the warranty period, if any part of the unit is tampered with altered, repaired or serviced by any unauthorized person, not being the authorized representative of the company or its authorized dealers;

    vii. If defects arises due to optional accessories like trolleys, rat mesh , machine cover etc;

    viii. The serial no on the unit or any part thereof is damaged, defaced, altered, obliterated, or tampered with or removed for any reason whatsoever;

    ix. The product is shifted outside India;

    x. Damage to the product due to operation in an abnormally corrosive alkaline/acidic atmosphere or near muddy sewages because toxic gases are harmful for the product;


    15. None of the employees and/or Authorized dealers of the Company have the authority whatsoever to vary the terms and conditions of this warranty.


    16. This warranty shall be deemed to have been issued at Gurugram in the State of Haryana, and courts at Gurugram shall have exclusive jurisdiction on matters covered by or following from this warranty and the Purchaser alone shall have cause of action arising out of transaction.

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