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Toshiba Red Brick “Bring Good Things to Life”
Toshiba’s key success factors in driving corporate social enterprise activities as follows:

Holding activities for social enterprise is not Green Marketing and success must not be gauged through quantity or amount of activities as it provides no indication of the value and impact.

Holding activities for social enterprise does not amount to “creating an image”. If most of the budget is spent on publicity, the remaining budget may not be sufficient for the core activities, which the end result may not produce the desired outcome. We must a path that is most beneficial for the community, while it must also be one that we are most capable of fulfilling and are able to continuously attain the best results. We will not be able to address every critical issue of our society as it takes time for any actual results to materialize.

Any corporate social enterprise activities should be “hands-on”. Activities should be performed by the employees, the Management and our customers, not through any outsourcing of any third parties. By doing so, the outcomes will be special and sincere. Activities should be done continually, creatively and under good management. Activities should be followed up by monitoring and evaluation, not simply a matter of undertaking activities to fulfill the objective, and not merely making it a yearly routine