1.5 Cu. Ft. Convection Microwave Oven

Black Stainless Steel
1.5 Cubic feet 1000 watt Black Stainless Steel microwave convection oven has a spacious interior and features convection and microwave cooking. Sensor reheating lets you optimally cook or reheat nine of the most popular food items with the touch of a button. Combine microwave and convection cooking for optimal results. Choose from ten power levels up to 1000 watts and convection cooking from 170 to 425 degrees F. Program up to three favorite time and power combinations for additional one-touch convenience. The Black Stainless Steel exterior looks good in any kitchen and is easy to clean.
  • Use microwave or convection cooking all in one appliance

  • Sensor cooking and reheating functions

  • Auto menu for roasting, baking, defrosting

  • Stainless steel easy to clean interior

Black Stainless Steel

  • Technology Matters

    Combines Microwave and Convection Oven Cooking

    This microwave combines both convection oven and microwave settings so you can bake, reheat, or cook meals using either or both functions for the ultimate versatility in one appliance.

  • Easy Matters

    Automatic Bake and Roast Functions

    Bake crispy fries, roast a whole chicken, or heat up a frozen pizza. There are four auto functions for both bake and roast, so you can prepare your favorite meals with the touch of a button. Each Auto Roast setting has weight adjustments.

  • Simple Matters

    Cook or Defrost

    A microwave makes reheating or cooking foods quick and easy. Use Time Cook and choose from Power Level one through ten. Thawing meats, vegetables, or casseroles is easy with two different options - Time Defrost or Auto Defrost.

  • Clean Matters

    Easy To Clean Stainless Steel

    This microwave features a stainless steel interior with a 13.6-inch diameter glass turntable that rotates when the appliance is on, is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, or you can remove it from the microwave and wash it in hot, soapy water.

  • Fast Matters

    One Touch Start

    The microwave can be turned on for one to six minutes at 100 percent power by simply touching the number of minutes you would like to cook. If additional cooking time is needed while the microwave is running, press the START button to add an additional 30 seconds of cooking time.

Product Dimensions (in) W*D*H
21.73 in x 21.38 in x 12.83 in
Package Dimensions (in) W*D*H
24.98 in x 23.52 in x 16.19 in
Net / Gross Weight
44.75 lbs. / 50.55 lbs.
Rated Voltage
120V~ 60Hz
Rated Input Power
1400W (Convection)
Rated Output Power
1000W (Microwave)
1.5 cubic feet
Turntable Diameter
13.6 inches
Black Stainless Steel
  • Inverter technology for better thawing and reheating

  • Pre-programmed sensor menu for optimum heating of popular foods

  • Large digital display, easy-to-read control panel, safety lock, interior LED light, glass turntable

Black Stainless Steel
  • Digital control panel with interior LED light

  • Black stainless steel exterior

  • One touch start for six pre-programmed functions

  • Power saving mode and child safety lock

Black Stainless Steel
  • Digital control panel with interior LED light

  • One Touch Start for 5 Food Types

  • One touch start for multiple food presets

  • Easy Clean interior