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How do I clean and care for my Black stainless steel product?

Use a damp cloth with mild sudsy water - soap such as a mild dish detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning items such as steel wool or other cleaning pads.


Do not spray glass cleaner on glass door.

Is it safe to put my toaster oven on a laminate countertop?

It is safe to place on laminate countertops.  Please refer to recommended distances the product should be approximately 4' from top, and sides.

Why is there an odor when I turn the the toaster on for the first time?

This mild odor is coming from the elements heating up for the first time and will not persist.

Why does the blue light in my digital display toaster oven stay on?

This is normal when the unit is plugged in and as the controls are in use. The light will turn off a few seconds after no other command is entered into the digital control.


If it doesn't turn off, please call our customer service line 1-855-204-5313 so we can arrange for a return.

Why does it look like only one of my heating elements is working?

Please check your toaster oven settings. Only one element is on when in the broil cooking mode. Other cooking modes, such as convection and rotisserie will utilize all of the elements. 

Why are the broiling and baking results subpar?

Pre-heating the toaster oven is an important first step. It is best to pre-heat the oven to the desired temperature for approximately few minutes prior to cooking.

What is the warranty period for my Toaster Oven?

1 year from the date of purchase indicated on the original receipt or online order confirmation email from the store.

What does the warranty cover on my Toaster Oven?

Product is free of any defective material and/or workmanship. Warranty covers the use of the product within the country of sale only.

What is not covered by the one year warranty for my Toaster Oven?


Commercial Use.


Damage, misuse, abuse or neglect.


Products that have been modified in any way.


Issues that occur if unit is used outside of the country of sale.

Why is the internal fan intermittently turning on and off during cooking?

The fan will go on and off during cooking to help maintain temperatures as well as to help conserve energy.

Where can I get a replacement part for my microwave?

Please call our customer service line 1-855-204-5313 for further assistance with the replacement part order. 

Can you microwave & convection cook at the same time?

No. Microwave and convection don't work at the same time.

What type of cookware or bakeware can I use in my convection microwave oven?

When in CONVECTION MODE, metal pans can be used but Only in Convection Oven mode.  Silicone Bakeware should not be used.

When in microwave mode, what cookware can I use in my convection microwave oven?

We recommend cookware that has been microwave safe certified. If the cookware does not state "Microwave Safe", we recommend that you do not use it.

Why does " : " keep blinking on my microwave after the clock is set?

This is normal. The display shows that the clock is set.

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