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Do Toshiba washer dryers have a child lock?

Yes, you can turn on the lock that prevents children from changing the device settings or interrupting its operation.

Why do I need the Great Waves technology?

THE GREATWAVES technology activates washing in cold water, which allows you to save up to 70% energy and achieve the same effect as washing at 40 ° C.

What to do when there is powder residue on the clothes after a wash?

We know how frustrating it can be when your clean laundry is unsuccessful. All Toshiba washing machines have a special technology for dissolving detergent in the feeder, which eliminates the risk of powder residue on clothes.

Why is the size of the door important?

Washing machines with a wider door are more convenient to use. Imagine you want to wash your bedding and put it into the drum without any effort. Comfortable, right? Or imagine that you are in a hurry and quickly grab the entire load of laundry from the laundry basket and put it just as easily in the drum.

How should the drum be cleaned?

First of all, Toshiba drums are covered with a special coating that is resistant to dirt. In addition, the washing machine is equipped with a special drum cleaning program.

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How to set the temperature in convert zone optimally?

The temperature in this chamber is regulated from -18 ° C to 7 ° C, depending on the specific requirements of various food products. When setting the temperature range from 0 ° C to 7 ° C, it becomes a cooling chamber. By setting the temperature to 0 ° C, the storage time of food will be longer, just in time for storing fresh food for consumption in the short term. When setting the temperature range between -3 ° C and -7 ° C, you can store fresh fish and meat for longer without having to freeze, and in addition products will be easily cut.

Can I use an extension cord or ungrounded adapter to connect the fridge?

Never use an extension cord or ungrounded (two-connector) adapters.

Can you connect a refrigerator immediately after transport?

Before first use, keep the refrigerator stable for half an hour before connecting it to a power source. After starting the refrigerator, before placing any fresh or frozen food, the refrigerator should work for 2-3 hours or for more than 4 hours in summer when the ambient temperature is high.

What is the allowed slope when transporting the refrigerator?

The slope when moving must not exceed 45 °.

What should the wall spacing be?

Refrigerators in which heat escapes from below can be placed close to the wall at less than 10 cm. For models where the heat escapes sideways, the upper space above the refrigerator should be larger than 30 cm, and the appliance should be placed next to the wall more than 10 cm to facilitate heat dissipation.

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Microwave Oven
Can I also cook large dishes in the microwave?

Microwaves are also suitable for larger dishes and containers; all you need to do is remove the turntable.

In which dishes can you heat food in the microwave?

Glass or ceramic dishes are best suited for this. Some plastic containers made of high temperature resistant plastic are also intended for use in the microwave. However, do not use metal vessels for heating.

Does microwave radiation damage heated food?

No way. What's more, the microwave oven, due to the shorter heat treatment time, reduces the nutritional value of food to a lesser extent than, e.g. traditional cooking in water on a gas or electric stove.

Do microwaves penetrate outside the microwave?

The microwave chamber is shielded with a mesh whose mesh is smaller than the wavelength of approx. 12 cm. It retains the vast majority of microwaves, so they almost do not penetrate.

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