The Recommendation of Toshiba’s oven

Smart Steam Oven, TSmartLife App makes cooking more easily
The STQ20 Steam oven adopts Toshiba's advanced technology and integrates 
steaming, frying, baking, stewing, steaming and fermentation to meet your various cooking needs. 
It can also be connected to the Toshiba TSmartLife app for one-click easy cooking.
Master Steam Oven, detail in every aspect
Master steam oven, detail in every aspect, with 140°C high temperature steam mode, using hot steam to lock down the freshness. All new AI smart steam condensation lock,  collects and condenses excess steam, reducing steam release to the kitchen from the steam oven during cooking, making cabinet and kitchen clean & dry.
Q20 Steam oven, enjoy a delightful meal
The Q20 steam oven with a slim body, easy to put anywhere, suitable for the tight environment in Hong Kong. It might be tiny but packed with many functions, can handle a large size container or a big size chicken, fish and many more, making it ideal for steam, stew, slow cook, bake.