Air Treatment
Air Treatment
Washing Machine
Washing Machine
Air Treatment
The heating operation stops suddenly and defrost-light blinks.

Frost removal on outdoor unit is in progress (5 - 1Omins).

Operation is erratic, unpredictable or unresponsive.

Interference from cell phone towers and remote boosters may cause the unit to malfunction.

Disconnect the power and then re-connect.

Press the ON/OFF button on the remote controller to restart operation.

If the problem is not resolved call a suitable contractor.

Turns on automatically

Normal when power is restored after a power failure.

Poor heating performance

May occur when outdoor temperatures are close to or below zero degrees Celsius.

If not the case call a suitable contractor.

Changes to fan only while cooling or heating.

Room temperature is the same as that selected with the remote. If not the case call a suitable contractor.

Emits a peculiar odour.

Usually caused by chemicals, cigarette smoke, cooking etc. If not the case call your suitable contractor.

Dust discharges from the unit.

May occur when air conditioner is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time.

Low volume sounds are emitted by the air conditioner

"Hissing": normal - gas pressure equalizing when compressor stops or starts.

"Squeaking": normal expansion and contraction of plastic and metal parts.

Rushing air - normal when louver resets its position.

Mist coming out of the indoor unit

May occur when unit temperature is low and room air is hot and humid.

Fan speed changes - off, very slow and then normal

Automatically happens in heating mode - prevents cold air blowing onto occupants.

Cooling or heating is delayed

A 3 - 5 minutes delay protects the compressor.


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Washing Machine
Remain time display change on the way

• The remain time is shown an approximate time. Due to it display while correcting time, so it may different from actual time. The required time will change depending on sensor detection, laundry types and quantity, room temperature, water pressure, drainage and laundry unbalance.

Lid does not open

• Is the lamp of lid lock light off?
• Is the child lock release?

Softener overflows

• Is the softener added higher than the upper brim of the dispenser? Too much softener will ove rflow during washing.

Abnormal noise and Large vibration

• Is the machine inclining or shaking? instability will produce vibration or noise during spinning.
• Is the electric wire, grounding wire or wate r-flowing hose touching the machine?
• Is the base plate of the machine touching the floor? This will produce large vibration during spinning.
• Do clothes lean to one side? This will make the tub touch the outer cover of the washing machine while washing or spinning, and produce large noise and vibration while spinning.
• Is there anything like match, ear-picking tool or metal piece carried by the clothes?
• Is the drain hose handled correctly? Please cut the hose if it is too long, it needs to be attached with sleeve at its end before using.

Water leakage

• Is the structure of water faucet suitable?
• Is the drainage hose connector loose?
• Is the water inlet valve inclining or loose?
• Is the water inlet valve blocked by sundries?
• Does the drain hose unfit its accessories?
• Is the drain hose disconnected or broken?
• Is the drain hose changed in a right way?

Does not operate

• Is power supply cut?
• Is the household circuit fuse burnt or is the circuit breaker cut?
• Is the power plug properly connected?
• Is the power supply on?
• Is the "START/HOLD" button pressed?
• Is the machine under PRESET mode?

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There is moisture and flake inside the refrigerator.

Is the door frequently closed and opened or left opened for a long time?
Is there any food with high moisture stored uncovered in the refrigerator?
If there is moisture and flake inside the refrigerator, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

There is some moisture on the outside of the refrigerator.

Sometimes, moisture may form on the outside of the refrigerator, particularly when humidity is high, such as during rainy season. This is regarded as the same occurrence of the moisture on the glass of cold water.
This does not indicate malfunction.
If there is some moisture on the outside of the refrigerator, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

The refrigerator is noisy.

Is the floor firm and level?
Are there any trays of dishes around the refrigerator?
Is the refrigerator installed unstably or does it touch the wall?

The refrigerator is not cold enough.

Is the temperature control dial set to "MIN"?
Is the refrigerator placed in direct sunlight or near a stove and a heater?
Is the door closed properly?
Is the door frequently closed and opened? And is there any hot food stored in the refrigerator?
Is the refrigerator overloaded?
Is there any sufficient air circulation around the refrigerator?

Food stored in the refrigerator compartment freeze.

Is the temperature control dial set to "MAX"?
Is the surrounding temperature lower than 5°C?
Did you place the food contained high moisture at the rear of the compartment? Such area can cause freezing.

The refrigerator is not cold at all.

Is the refrigerator plugged into the socket properly?
Has the fuse blown or has the circuit breaker shut off?
Has the electricity supply been cut off?

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