Delightful Details Matter


This festive season, joy sparkles in thoughtful gifts, ones that reveal your deep understanding of your loved ones. Why not delve into the innovative features of Toshiba’s appliances, meticulously crafted with care? You also stand a chance to make them yours.


Visit our Facebook page now, share with us who this detail matters to, and why. 

Your chance to win a prize that resonates with your thoughtful gesture awaits!


CONTEST #1 (Nov 16 - Nov 25, 2003)

Prize: 3 x BL-70PR2NMY

CONTEST #2 (Nov 26 - Dec 5, 2003)

Prize: 2 x VC-CLX50BF(R)

CONTEST #3 (Dec 6 - Dec 15, 2003)

Prize: 2 x DW-08T1(S)-MY

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