Toshiba MS5-STR30SC Smart Master Steam (30L)

Master Steam Oven: Master Chef
Smart Master Steam Oven (30L)
Smart Master Steam Oven (30L)
Master Steam Oven, the Master Chef, is equipped with Smart Steam Condensation Lock (Built-in condensing system collects and condenses excess steam, reducing steam release during cooking and making the kitchen dry and clean). With the feature ‘140°C High Temperature Steam’, the Steam Oven provides large power steam for seafood and lets the fish be fresh as always.It can also be connected to the Toshiba TSmartLife app for one-click easy cooking.
  • TSmartLife can control: Mode, Time, and Temperature, as well as cooking reminder function

  • TSmartLife App owned a series of online recipes

  • Smart Steam Condensation Lock: Reducing Steam Releasing Outward

  • 3 Pure Steam Modes: Steam, 140°C High Temp. Steam, Stew

  • 4 Roast Modes: Convection, Combi(Convention with Steam), Convention Grill, Grill

  • 1.2 Extra-Large External Water Tank, No Need to Fill Water for About 3 Hours (Stew Mode)

HK$ 5,998  
Smart Master Steam Oven (30L)
Smart Master Steam Oven (30L)
Water Tank Capacity (L)
100 -230°C
Cooking Temperature (Convection)
8 / 40
Main Functions / Recipes & Auto Menu
Steam/ Convention / Combination/ Grill
TSmartLife App
Feature 1
TSmartLife App

Toshiba's TSmartLife app has a series of online recipes, become a chef with just "one click" to cook. TSmartLife can remote control such as: mode, time, temperature, as well as cooking completion reminder function, allow you to focus on the things you like, and enjoy cooking with the steam oven but without being distracted, you can enjoy delicious meals easily. 

Little Space Occupied
Feature 2
Little Space Occupied

With the dimension 472x465x375mm (handle not included), the Master Steam Oven features the technology ‘Smart Steam Condensation Lock’, greatly minimizing the clearance space for cooling and the exhaust gas, and hence requiring less space.

Installation: 5cm of clearance at the top with 1cm of clearance at the sides and at the rear
3 Steam Modes, Easy Steaming In One Go
Feature 3
3 Steam Modes, Easy Steaming In One Go

“Steam” simulates flame steaming with precise heat output, a must for home meals 

“High Temp. Steam” 140°C High Temperature Steam, 19.8%* quicker than Flame Steaming, keeping the food fresh

“Stew” suits long-time steam and slow cook, offering healthy eating.


*Factory Internal Testing:  Comparison of the time of beef with “flame steaming” and “140°C High Temp. Steam” 
4 Roast Modes Different Textures Reloaded
Feature 4
4 Roast Modes Different Textures Reloaded

“Convection” even output, crispy to perfection

“Combi.” Reducing oil and salt needed#, crispy outside, tender inside

“Convention Grill” Roast out crispy texture

“Grill” suitable to grilling tinner food, result in golden colour and crispy


*Factory Testing
Low Temperature Fermentation
Feature 5
Low Temperature Fermentation

The Master Steam Oven provides stable fermentation temperatures which are not affected by the change of weather, allowing dough to be fermented with stable temperatures. Fluffy bread and homemade low sugar yogurt can then be prepared. Fermentation can be set up to 12 hours!

Smart Alert Safety Comes First
Feature 6
Smart Alert Safety Comes First

Equipped with 4 Smart Alerts and Reminders, including No Water Sound & Icon Signal (F02), Overheat Icon Signal (F01) and Child Lock, the Master Steam Oven is definitely user-friendly.

Smart Cleaning Mode
Feature 7

Smart Cleaning Mode

With the 4 Cleaning Modes (Oven Cleaning, Oven Deodorization, Tableware Disinfection and Steam System Cleaning), the Master Steam Oven is easy to clean.

Capacity & Size
Capacity (L)
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
472 x 510 x 375 / 472 x 465 (Without handle) x 375
Installation Dimensions
Left, Right & Back: 10mm / Top: 50mm
Cavity Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
410 x 325 x 230
Baking Tray Dimensions (WxD)mm
400 x 295
Steaming Tray Dimensions (WxD)mm
400 x 295
Pure Steam
80-100°C, 2hrs
High Temp. Steam/Quick Steam
100-140°C, 1hrs
35-100°C, 5hrs
100-230°C, 2hrs
Convection with Steam
100-230°C, 2hrs
Convention Grill
100-230°C, 2hrs
100-230°C, 2hrs
Cleaning Functions
Tableware disinfection, Cavity cleaning, Cavity deodorization, Steam system cleaning, Auto Menu37-40
Auto Menu
Input Power (W)
Steam 1500-1600 / Convention 1500-1600 / Combination1500-1600 / Grill 1500-1600
Top & Back
Standby Mode
Control Type
Touch & Dial
Cavity Material
304 Stainless Steel Cavity
Internal Light
yes (ON/OFF)
Water Tank
Water Tank Capacity
Water shortage reminder
✓ (F02)
Overheat Reminder
✓ (F01)
Child Lock
Anti-Scalding Handle Design
Smart Steam Condensation Lock
Steaming Tray x1, Baking Tray x1, Heat Insulation Gloves x1, Sponge x1, Steam Rack x1
Country Of Origin
Country of Origin
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