Toshiba ER-ND300HK Superheated Steam Oven (30L)

8 Functions Great Performance, Your Best Choice of Superheated Steam Oven
Superheated Steam Oven (30L)
Superheated Steam Oven (30L)
8 functions pre-installed Toshiba’s Superheated Steam Oven gives absolute professional performance and it is worthy for you to have one. Featuring the superheated steam baking function, it significantly reduces fat and the calories through the powerful steam. With the smart alert and the 43 auto programmes, great tasting food could be dished up even if you are just a beginner in the kitchen.
  • With the superheated steam baking function, fat and calories in the food are reduced at 250°C high temperature superheated steam .

  • 8 Functions: Bake x 3, Steam, Stew, Fermentation, Microwave and Defrost/Reheat, absolute professional performance

  • 43 Auto Programmes: 40 Superheated Steam Oven Cooking Menus and 3 cleaning modes including quick cleaning, water removal and deodorization)

  • Nano Easy Clean Coating offers an easy way to clean and care for the Superheated Steam Oven. Hassle free after cooking.

  • Hidden Upper & Back Heater Setting, with the Toshiba Internal Dome-shaped Design, create intensive heating

HK$ 4,998  
Superheated Steam Oven (30L)
Superheated Steam Oven (30L)
100 -300°C
Cooking Temperature (Convection)
1390 / 1100 / 900
Cooking Power -Convection / Grill / Microwave(Max) (W)
1420 / 1430
Cooking Power -Convection / Grill / Microwave(Max) (W)
Superheated Steam, 34% Calories Reduced
Feature 1
Superheated Steam, 34% Calories Reduced

The exclusive superheated steam technology generates 300°C transparent and tiny superheated steam, which can carry the intensive heat into the food then draw out the fat and salt within, also can reduce up to 34% calorie*. Healthy eating is easy to achieve. 

*The difference between mixed (Hybrid) cooking and traditional pan-fry is that the  Superheated Steam Oven combines the hot air circulation with superheated steam cooking modes.  
Internal Dome-shaped Design, Intensive Heating
Feature 2
Internal Dome-shaped Design, Intensive Heating

Toshiba’s Internal Dome-shaped Design imitates the traditional dome-shaped stone oven, to create strong hot air circulation to retain the heat. The internal high temperature evenly circulates within the food, as a result, the moisture is quickly kept from drying out. After all, a perfect golden brown crispy finish and juicy grill is served.

8 Functions, Total Solution
Feature 3
8 Functions, Total Solution

It gives absolute professional performance with 8 functions: Superheated Steam Baking, Convection Baking/ Frying, Steam (Microwave / Microwave & Convection), Grill, Stew, Fermentation, Microwave and Defrost/Reheat. This total solution is perfect for saving your kitchen space.

2 Roast/ Baking functions, Great Taste
Feature 4
2 Roast/ Baking functions, Great Taste

There are 2 Roast/Baking functions: Superheated Steam Roast/ Baking and Convection Baking/ Frying. Only by pressing a button, you can easily prepare a low calories healthy diet, or tender with golden brown crispy roast/bake.

Choice for Steam, Suits your needs
Feature 5
Choice for Steam, Suits your needs

Superheated Steam Oven let you take control of the cooking method and the temperature. Select the right mode to match your needs. 

“Steam + Microwave + Convection” suitable for steam eggs and reheated bun

“Steam + Microwave (400W)” suitable for steam meat and reheated dishes


Thoughtful Design Enjoyable Cleaning
Feature 6
Thoughtful Design Enjoyable Cleaning

Toshiba understands cleaning the oven interior causes users inconvenience. Hidden heater setting plus the Nano Easy Clean Coating allow simple and easy clean after cooking.

Smart Alert Function, Peaceful Mind in the Kitchen
Feature 7

Smart Alert Function, Peaceful Mind in the Kitchen

Pre-installed smart alerts give you a stress free superheated steam cooking experience. They include Water Tank Refill Alert, Microwave/ No Metal Container Alert, Cook Book Pages and Instructions Auto Alert, No Wrap and High Temperature Alert.

Auto Cleaning Mode, Fast and Easy Cleaning
Feature 8

Auto Cleaning Mode, Fast and Easy Cleaning

3 auto smart cleaning modes make your cleaning fast and save time, leave you no hassle after cooking in the kitchen.


Quick cleaning: Release the steam vapours, break down the grease


Water removal: Remove water from the pipes


Deodorization: Uses high temperature and fan to deodorize


Capacity & Size
Capacity (L)
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
500 x 495 x 388
Installation Dimensions
1. Left & Right: 2 cm, Top: 30cm OR 2. Left or Right: 4 cm, Top: 30cm
Cavity Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
398 x 330 x 232
Tray Dimensions (WxD)mm
412 x 291
Deep Tray Dimensions (WxDxH)mm
Superheated Steam (For Baking)
100- 250°C
Convection (For Baking)
100-250°C, 300°C
Hybrid (For Baking)
Auto Menu 6-9
Steam + Microwave + Convection
Low Temp. Steam
Fermentation with Steam
Mircrowave600W + 200W
Desired Temp.
Rapid, Steam & Sashimi (Semi-Defrost), Auto Menu 10-12
Cleaning Functions
Quick Cleaning, Water Removal & Deodorize, Auto Menu 41-43
Auto Menu
Cooking Power (W)
Convection 1390 / Grill 1100 / Microwave 900(Max.)
Power Consumption (W)
Convection 1420 / Microwave 1430
Hidden Upper & Back Heater Setting
Auto Power Off
Control Type
Touch & Dial
Cavity Material
Nano Easy Clean Coating
Internal Light
Square Tray x2, Cooking Net x1, Water Tank x1
New Handle Design
Country Of Origin
Country of Origin
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