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Beef Bourguignon


Ingredients :

Frozen beef shank  650g
Carrots  200g
Onion  1
Scallions (white part only)  a few
Red wine  180ml
Salt  1.5 teaspoons
Water  200ml
Butter  20g
Ground black pepper  2/3 teaspoon
Tomato sauce  4 tablespoons
Fresh rosemary  2 sprigs


  1.  Wash and dry the beef shank, then cut it into pieces. Peel and dice the carrots, and quarter the onion 
  2.  In a pot, melt the butter and brown the beef shank. Pour 60ml of red wine along the edge of the pot and cook 2 minutes.
  3.  Place the beef shank, diced carrots, onion, scallions, salt, 120ml of red wine, ground black pepper, tomato sauce, and rosemary in an electric pressure cooker.
  4.  Add enough water to cover 2/3 of the ingredients. Cover the pressure cooker with its lid.
  5.  Press “Function” to select "Beef/Mutton" on the pressure cooker.
  6.  Press “Timing” to select the cooking time to 40 minutes and press the "Start" button.
  7.  Once the cooking is complete, stir the ingredients evenly and serve.


  1.   If you prefer a richer tomato flavor, you can add two peeled and diced tomatoes to the recipe.
  2. However, because the tomatoes will release some water, you can reduce the amount of water specified in the recipe slightly.
Electric Pressure Cooker
Electric Pressure Cooker