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Snow Fungus Dessert Soup


Ingredients (4 bowl servings) :

Peach resin  25g
Snow lotus seeds  40g
Red dates (jujubes)  8
Dried longan fruits  12
Dried lily bulbs  15g
Rock sugar  50g
Water  500ml


  1. Rinse the pre-soaked peach resin and snow lotus seeds to remove any impurities. Cut the red dates in half and remove the pits.
  2. Place all the ingredients in an electric pressure cooker and add water up to the "RICE" water level 2.
  3. Close the lid, press the "Function" button, and select the "Soup" function.
  4. Press the "Timing" button and set the cooking time to 15 minutes.
  5. Press “Texture” to select the "Slight Cook" texture option to preserve the texture of the peach resin and start cooking.
  6. When the cooking is complete, stir the soup and serve. Enjoy!


  1. When cooking a thick syrup, please use the “natural release” method to avoid the syrup from spurting out of the pressure release valve and causing danger.
Electric Pressure Cooker
Electric Pressure Cooker