5 Reasons to Buy a French Door Refrigerator

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5 Reasons to Buy a French Door Refrigerator


Refrigerators come in many different sizes, shapes and designs. And as they have transitioned over the years, various models have become popular. Currently, one of those models is a French door refrigerator. French door fridges are the latest trend in refrigerators designs. They come with two refrigerator doors that open outward and split in the middle, and they can open individually or both together. Unlike traditional fridges, French door refrigerators come with one or two pull-out freezer drawers on the bottom. This is handy, as most people don’t open their freezer as much as their refrigerator. Whether you’re shopping for a new fridge or just upgrading, considering a French door fridge is a great idea. Below we will talk about five reasons that will encourage you to buy this refrigerator type!

Ultimate Flexible Storage

Even though the refrigerator section has side-by-side doors, the inside of it is one vast, connected space. You will have access to the fridge’s full width for storing large items. The door bins are also big enough to fit a gallon of milk and a juice pitcher. The combination of wider shelves and door bins will give you better storage space.

Some French door refrigerators have a chill drawer right above the freezer, which is fully adjustable. It is perfect for foods that need to be colder than others but not so cold that they freeze solid.

When it comes to the French door freezer, items can be stacked neatly within the bottom drawer. The freezers in this type of fridge are deep and slide out for easy access.

Look for a French door fridge with a freezer drawer that fully extends or a four-door fridge to reduce storage-access problems, such as this French door refrigerator from Toshiba.

Retain Internal Temperature

No matter what appliance we use, energy saving in today’s time is one of the biggest concerns. Every single time you open the refrigerator door, you are letting out cool air and forcing the refrigerator to work harder.

One of the main advantages of French door refrigerators is that they reduce wasted energy. This also includes helping the refrigerator retain its internal temperature in a better way.

When opening a French door fridge, you only open one side at a time. This means you are releasing less cold air. As a result, the refrigerator will use less energy to maintain its internal temperature.

Take Up Less Kitchen Space

This type of refrigerator has two doors that will affect the space on either side of the fridge. However, keep in mind that because the doors are cut in half, they do not sway as far as a full-width door, which leaves more space in the front.

From small kitchens to luxurious kitchens with island cabinets, French door refrigerators are an excellent option for all kitchen sizes.

Better Layout and Easy Accessibility

A French door fridge layout is appropriate for people who usually access the fridge more than the freezer. Having frozen goods at the bottom brings the fridge section up to waist and chest height. There is no need to bend and twist to reach lower shelves and drawers. Instead, you will have everything openly visible and organized.

Most French door refrigerators have movable shelves, too. This allows you to pull them out and get a deeper view when necessary. The drawers, shelves and wide door bins provide lots of space for organizing, so you can easily see what you have and avoid gathering moldy items in unseen places.

Timeless Design

French door fridges can add a touch of beauty to any kitchen style. Sleek and shiny enough for the modern or industrial look, elegant enough for a traditional style and bright enough for a contemporary kitchen.

So those were our picks on why you should buy a French door refrigerator. Experience an intuitive layout and premium features with refrigerators from Toshiba-Lifestyle.com. We offer a full line of French door fridges designed carefully to keep your food organized and fresh.


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