70°C Hot Water Wash
The Anti-Bacterial Technology in Toshiba dishwashers performs an antimicrobial treatment in the filter to effectively inhibit micro-organism buildup, maintaining a 99.99% bacteria-free, 0-grade mildew proof environment inside your dishwasher at all times.
For years, Toshiba has worked to create appliances and technology that help our communities and transform household chores.

At Toshiba, we prioritize convenience and efficiency when manufacturing our dishwashers. Purchasing a Toshiba dishwasher means less chore time and more ‘me’ time. We combine the latest technologies and offer the best dishwashers in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. We distinguish ourselves from others in the market by providing our customers with seamless designs that will fit their fast-paced lives. Our dishwashers will ensure a more efficient and less time-consuming cleaning process. Explore our diverse array and choose from a collection of the best countertop dishwashers, free standing dishwashers, and built-in dishwashers. Toshiba dishwashers grant you the ultimate cleaning results by incorporating some of the most innovative features including 70°C hot water wash. With this feature no need to scrub as you no longer need to worry about dishes with stubborn grease stains. By applying high-temperature and high-pressure flow, Toshiba dishwashers ensure that oil and grease will decompose faster. We did not forget about hygiene. Our dishwashers achieve high sterilization levels by utilizing UV and get rid of bacteria with their high-functioning anti-bacterial filter, offering you the most hygienic results. Enjoy the convenience of life and spare some time to enjoy with family and loved ones, when purchasing one of the best dishwashers in the market.

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