No more Scrubbing with Toshiba Built-in Dishwashers!

Looking at the fast-paced life we are living, who still has the time to wash the dishes? Owning a dishwasher has become a modern life necessity. But to get the ultimate results, you need to look for options encompassing the latest cleaning technologies and premium features.

And since Toshiba prioritizes the details and requirements that matter most to clients, we introduced our built-in dishwashers range.

Shop built-in dishwashers in the KSA, the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain, and discover high-end specs.

With Toshiba, you’ll say goodbye to scrubbing stubborn grease stains. The 70°C Hot Water Wash cleaning feature circulates water of a high-temperature of 70°C and a flow of 11.3 kPa to decompose oil stains faster and clean every spot.

Our dishwashers ensure hygiene by utilizing UV-LED Sterilizer technology. After the washing cycle, your dishes will be sterilized using UV light eliminating bacteria and leaving your kitchenware clean and shiny.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for the dishwasher to be full so you can run it. But don’t worry, Toshiba has all your needs in mind. Our built-in dishwashers are equipped with the Dual Washzone technology which enables you to choose specific settings depending on the size of the load you want to wash.