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Shop the Best Top Load Washing Machines Today in the KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar.

Toshiba’s top load washing machine is designed to prioritize hygiene and turns doing laundry into an easier process, consuming less time and effort.

To help you get the ultimate results and reduce energy consumption, we designed our top load washing machine with an SS-D Inverter Motor 48. With this revolutionary technology, your top load washing machine will be energy efficient and last longer with unmatched durability, delivering the best results. The S-DD Inverter will also help in reducing the noise made during the washing process.

How good a washing machine is in removing stubborn stains while maintaining the quality of the fabric is one most important things you consider when choosing a washer. To deal with stubborn stains our top load washing machine uses Ultra Fine Bubble technology, which generates nano-sized air bubbles that are 10 to 200 smaller than the gaps in fabrics. With such a small size, the bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric, decomposing stains and dirt and leaving you with the cleanest results and a refreshing smell.

And if you still think that no washing machine can imitate the premium results you get when you hand wash your clothes, then you will be happy to know that DUO Active Roller technology used in our top load washing machines delivers the same results you get when scrubbing your laundry manually, by employing powerful agitation to remove stains.