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Keep Your Home Clean With Our Drum Type Vacuum Cleaners

Toshiba pays attention to all the details of the product manufacturing and designing process, prioritizes innovation and puts customer needs first. By doing so, we ensure that our products will simultaneously meet the requirements and satisfy customers’ needs.

To make sure that our drum type vacuum cleaners also meet the highest quality standards, we provide them with innovative features to guarantee uncompromising quality, outstanding cleaning performance and absolute reliability.

Explore Toshiba’s Drum Type Vacuum Cleaners

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner drum type for your home? We offer you a diverse selection of the most outstanding drum type vacuum cleaners, providing you with premium features to guarantee the ultimate performance and cleaning results.

Our vacuum cleaners come with various tank capacities, including 20L vacuum cleaners, 21L vacuum cleaners and 22L vacuum cleaners. They also encompass many input power options.

Shop Toshiba’s drum type vacuum cleaners in the UAE, KSA and other countries in the Middles East. Enjoy achieving fantastic cleaning results.