Purchase Toshiba Top Mount Freezers in the Middle East


For years Toshiba has been a leading manufacturer of home appliances. The reason behind this success is prioritizing our customers’ needs and ensuring our products are designed to satisfy them all.


Toshiba’s top mount freezers are no exception; they are designed with attention to every tiny detail that we think matters to you.


To begin with, our top mount freezers come in different capacities, so you get to choose the one suiting your family’s needs. There are a variety of colors too. You can pick the one that would fit your kitchen design better.


Moving on to the more important things, cooling technologies. Every Toshiba top mount freezer is supplied with DUO Hybrid Deodorizer technology. This technology is meant to preserve food and avoid any waste by ensuring the even circulation of cool air in the refrigerator through LED Hybrid & Ag+ BIO deodorizers.


And since power efficiency is one of our top concerns, we incorporated Inverter technology within our top mount freezers. Inverter technology helps to deliver high accuracy when it comes to temperatures, achieving both efficiency and food perseverance.


Providing your family with fresh and tasty food is one of our priorities, that’s why our top mount freezers feature Ultra-Fresh technology to keep your food healthy and clean using Speedy Cool, Duo Hybrid Unit, and Minus Cool (-3°C).


Preserve freshness and shop Toshiba's Top-mount freezers in KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain.