Water Dispensers

Toshiba Water Dispenser's built-in light 
sensor automatically heats water up to 95°C; 
the optimal temperature for brewing that 
perfect morning cup of coffee.

When designing our water dispensers, we make sure to cover all the details that matter the most to our clients. We achieve this by employing high-quality materials and high precision. With Toshiba water dispensers you can experience the real purity of water. We ensure that the capacity of our water dispensers will satisfy the daily water needs of your family to keep them hydrated and happy all day long. No matter how many guests you will have over, Toshiba water dispensers’ 20-liter capacity will ensure you will have enough drinks to quench their thirst. And to provide you with the easy lifestyle you deserve, we offer both top load and bottom load water dispensers, so you are free to choose the one that suits your own standards and needs. We also made sure to provide just the right water temperature for you, with our water heating innovative technologies. In addition to cool refreshing water, Toshiba water dispensers comprise a built-in light sensor that will heat up water up to 95 degree, just the perfect temperature to prepare your favorite hot drinks within seconds. With its precision and relentless attention to details Toshiba is the ideal place to purchase the best water dispensers in KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar.