SameLoads Matters
Our curiosity spans beyond the mere function and performance of our products, but rather the emotional role they play in solving your daily problems and answering your needs through intuition and empathy.

We turn laundry into an easy, efficient process. Whether you live alone or have a big family to care for, Toshiba's diverse range of washing machines will be the perfect addition to your home. We provide a wide selection of washing machines with different capacities to meet the expectations of every customer. Our company is detail-oriented, we pay extra attention to the details that we think matter the most to you, and design our appliances to resolve all the problems you face when doing household chores and improve your lifestyle. Explore our range in KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, and purchase the best front load washing machines, top load washing machines with dryers, and semi-automatic washing machines. Save a lot of time and effort, while maintaining unmatched results. Our washing machines comprise the most prominent laundry technologies including the GreatWaves, SameLoads, and Color Alive. These technologies are combined to present the greatest washing machines in the market. Such technologies achieve premium results by saving you a lot of effort and giving you the time to work on other chores while delivering the best cleaning results and preserving the colors and delicate materials of your clothes.