How to Keep a Fridge Smelling Fresh?

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How to Keep a Fridge Smelling Fresh?


We’ve all been there, where we have opened the door of our fridge and got disturbed by the stinky smell. Spilt, rotten, or expired food and high temperature and outside humidity are the biggest contributors to a stinky fridge.

Are you wondering how to keep a fridge smelling fresh? How can you prevent unpleasant odours from occurring in the first place? We got you. Here are 5 useful tips we advise you to follow.

Clean Out Your Fridge

To get rid of the fridge’s bad smell, you first need to clean it out completely. Start by checking all expiration dates and throwing away any rotten food. Then take out all removable surfaces inside the fridge to soak them in hot water and simple dish soap as you wipe down the inner and outer parts using a wet washcloth.

Toshiba Lifestyle Middle East makes this step easier for you, as our refrigerators have removable shelves, racks and drawers that can be cleaned without any fuss.

Pay Attention to the Temperature and Humidity

Incorrect temperature and humidity levels are one of the main reasons behind bad smells that are often of spilt food.

Setting the temperature not too high or low will efficiently help keep food edible and fresh longer while also cutting down on electricity bills and saving energy which also helps combat global warming. It is recommended that the inside temperature of the fridge should be kept around 4° to 5° celsius.

Regarding humidity, most fridges come with drawers with humidity settings. You need to put things that tend to rot in a low-humidity drawer, including fruits and veggies. While leafy greens that wilt, like arugula, spinach, and herbs, should go in a high-humidity drawer.

Store Food Safely

It’s time to make good use of all those airtight, reusable containers in your cabinets instead of using aluminium foil and take-out boxes to store leftovers that will leave your fridge smelling bad.

Use containers that don’t hold onto odours. Unlike plastic, even microwavable plastic containers, glass does not hold on to smells because of its intact, sleek and nonabsorbent properties. 

This is one of the best tips to keep your fridge smelling fresh, preventing future smells. Plus, this makes stacking and organizing your fridge so much easier!

Label and Date Leftovers

Make a habit of labelling all the leftovers that go into your fridge with the date you made them. This step will make fridge cleanouts much faster! Also, try to keep the things that need to be eaten first up front, right where you can see them. And if you have two of anything, store the newer ones in the back.

Use Natural Deodorizers

To eliminate those nasty, unpleasant smells in your fridge, use a natural deodorizer! There are so many great options readily available in your kitchen, for example:

  • Baking soda: Take a bowl full of baking soda, place it inside your fridge and allow it to sit for a couple of hours.

  • Vinegar: Put a cup filled with white vinegar in the fridge to obtain the desired effect.

  • Lemon: Place a few slices of lemon and leave them to sit inside your fridge.

  • Coffee beans: Spread coffee beans across a baking sheet and place it in the fridge overnight.

These natural alternatives actually do a better job at removing odours than store-bought chemical cleaners because they absorb the odour-causing bacteria as opposed to just covering it up.

With these handy tips, we hope you will no longer have to deal with this problem. A clean fridge will not only make you feel better about storing your food, but it also makes food taste better and stay edible for a longer time. After all, health is wealth!

Stay tuned to Toshiba Lifestyle for more guides on home appliances. Also, you can check out our collection of refrigerators for some great options to consider, such as this double door fridge with ice dispenser and other premium features.

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