Shiny Dishes Is the Only Way to Go with Toshiba Countertop Dishwashers!

Owning a dishwasher is no longer a luxury; it is a modern life necessity. Looking at our busy schedules, we don’t have time to waste washing the dishes.

The dishwasher you use must be efficient, saving you time and providing the best cleaning results. Considering that, Toshiba countertop dishwashers are the most convenient option. They are designed to achieve the ultimate results by combining premium technologies with a seamless design.

Discover advanced specs and shop countertop dishwashers in the KSA, the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

We know; scrubbing stubborn stains is a nightmare. Our countertop dishwashers are here to prioritize your comfort. They are equipped with the 70°C Hot Water Wash technology, decomposing oil stains and cleaning every spot by circulating 70°C hot water and a flow of 11.3 kPa.

And to enhance the cleaning process, our countertop dishwashers employ UV-LED Sterilizer technology. Your dishes are sterilized with UV light after the washing cycle is finished to eliminate bacteria and achieve the highest levels of hygiene.

Sometimes you may have to deal with more dishes than you usually do. But with Toshiba countertop dishwashers, you don’t have to worry about finding more space. Our dishwashers feature sliding trays, enabling you to move the trays sideways to provide more space for glasses, utensils, and small cups.