Microwave Oven

Purchase the Best Solo Microwave Ovens at Toshiba Middle East!

You go to work every day and come back home tired and starving; all you could think of is having a nutritious meal. But cooking will take time, and you need something quick and healthy. Well, owning a Toshiba solo microwave oven will prove its worth now.

When designing our products, we think of all the features and technologies that will satisfy your different needs. So following this approach, we prioritized your nutrition when manufacturing Toshiba solo microwave ovens.

To cater to the requirements of families, couples, and individuals, we designed our solo microwaves with different capacities, 25 liters, 23 liters, and 20 liters. In addition to making them in different colors, to be able to choose the solo microwave that will fit your kitchen design better.

Toshiba solo microwave ovens will save you a lot of effort and help you cook tasty and healthy meals by combining high-end cooking features including 8 Auto Cook Menu, 9 Auto Cook Menu, 11 Power Level, and Membrane Control.

Provide your family with healthy and nutritious meals, and shop Toshiba solo microwave ovens in the KSA, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.