Toshiba RC-7HMH Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.7L)

Cozy And Tasty! The Best Mini IH Rice Cooker
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.7L)
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.7L)
Perfect for a small family from 1-4 people! The Mini IH Rice Cooker looks sleek and tiny. With its Non-stick Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot and Honeycomb-like pattern at bottom of inner pot, matching the 3D Induction Heating (IH), the rice turns fluffy and delicious after each of the rice grains is evenly heated.
  • Capacity: 0.7 L (4 cups, serves up to 4 persons)

  • Non-Stick Easy-to-Clean Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot, sturdy and durable

  • Honeycomb-like pattern at bottom of inner pot, enlarges heating surface to enhance evenly heating.

  • 4 rice cooking menus plus 4 cooking menus include congee, steam, soup & boiling egg

  • Detachable stainless steel inner lid, easy to clean

White (W)
HK$ 1,288  
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.7L)
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.7L)
Capacity(L / Persons/ Cups)
Cup of Rice (White Rice)
Rice Types/ Rice Cooking Menu
Keep Warm (hours)
230 x 294 x 203
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm
Capacity & Size
Capacity(L Persons Cups)
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
230 x 294 x 203
Induction Heating (IH) Cooking Technology
Cooking Menu for different rice types
White & Grains
Rice Cooking Menu
Delicious, Quick, Grains & Porridge
Special Cooking Menu
Congee, Steam, Soup & Boiling Egg
Finish-up Timer
Hour/ in Minute, maximum preset timer is 24 hours
Keep Warm Function
max. 24hours
Power Consumption (W)
Cook 600 / Keep Warm 20
Thick Non-Stick Inner Pot
Bincho Charcoal Thick Pot -Honeycomb-like pattern at bottom of inner pot
LCD Panel with Built-in Clock function
Detachable Inner Lid
Detachable Far-infrared Stainless Steel Inner
Measuring Cup x2, Standable Rice Spoon x1, Steamer x1
Whtie (W)
Country Of Origin
Country of Origin
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