Toshiba RC-DZ4K Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.45L)

Cozy And Tasty! The Best Mini IH Rice Cooker
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.45L)
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.45L)
The sleek and cute Mini IH Rice Cooker uses 5mm the Non-Stick Easy-to Clean Bincho Charcoal Thick Inner Pot and with the Wing Pot design, to imitate the traditional rice cooking for creating intensive heat, making fluffy and delicious rice. The taste from the old days is back! Perfect for small family from 1-3 people.
  • Made in Japan

  • Capacity: 0.45 L (2.5 cups, serves up to 3 persons)

  • 5mm Non-stick Easy-to-Clean Inner Pot with Diamond and Titanium Coating (Inside) & Copper Coating (Outside), High Thermal Conductivity, Evenly Heated

  • The Wing Pot design brings back the taste from the old days!

  • 3 Cooking Menu for the choice of rice: White, Pre-washed & Grains, and 7 rice cooking meuns (White rice, quick and congee etc.), as well as hardness selection

Gold (N)
HK$ 4,588  
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.45L)
Mini IH Rice Cooker (0.45L)
Capacity(L / Persons/ Cups)
Inner Pot Thickness (mm)
Rice Types/ Rice Cooking Menu/ Special Cooking Menu
Keep Warm (hours)
220 x 289 x 201
Dimensions (WxDxH)mm
Capacity & Size
Capacity(L Persons Cups)
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
220 x 289 x 201
Induction Heating (IH) Cooking Technology
Cooking Menu for different rice types
White, Pre-washed & Grains
Rice Cooking Menu
Regular, Delicious, Hard, Sticky, Quick, Mixed & Congee
Finish-up Timer
Hour/ in Minute, maximum preset timer is 14 hours
Keep Warm Function
max. 24hours
Power Consumption (W)
Cook 1000 / Keep Warm 28
Thick Non-Stick Inner Pot
5mm Inner Pot with Diamond Titanium Coating (Inside) & Bincho Charcoal Far-infrared Coating (Outside)
LCD Panel with Built-in Clock function
Detachable Inner Lid
Dew Proof Heater Lid
Wave design at bottom of inner pot
6 Waves
Measuring Cup x2, Rice scoop x1, Rice scoop holder x1
Gold (N)
Country Of Origin
Country of Origin
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