How to Use a Washing Machine: The Dos & Don’ts

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How to Use a Washing Machine: The Dos & Don’ts


Can we imagine our lives without a washing machine today? Guess not. And those who have just bought a new one are soon going to relish its benefits. 

However, is it always easy to use a washing machine? Well, only if you use it exactly how it is supposed to be. That’s right. To ensure your clothes, both major and delicate, come neat and fresh each time, you must know its dos and don’ts. And we are here to guide you over it.

In the following section, we have compiled a list of essential dos and don’ts to carry out hassle-free washing. No matter if you have a top load or front load machine, these tips will be your mate in expert washing. So, read till the end.

The Dos & Don’ts Of Using A Washing Machine

Get ready to give your clothes the best and the most endearing washing experience. So if you’ve bought a fresh washing machine or wanna get the best results with the existing one, this guide is for you.

Dos Of Using A Washing Machine

Check Care Instructions On The Label

Before you create a pile of clothes for your weekly washing, check their labels for care instructions. They will help you with keeping the temperature settings right and use appropriate wash cycles. This is actually the right way of washing clothes that lets you prevent issues later.

Separate Your Clothes By Color

The most basic step of using a washing machine is separating garments by color. Make separate stacks of whites, darks, lights, and delicates. This ensures that colors won’t run over or spoil each other during the wash, keeping each garment safe. Once you prepare stacks, check for stains in the stack which you’ll load into the machine. Stains if any need to be pretreated before uploading. This ensures proper cleaning of stains and prevents them from getting transferred to other garments.

Put Your Delicates In Laundry Bags

Then come the delicate garments such as lingerie, tights, handkerchiefs, silks, etc. While washing, put these in laundry bags, to protect them from tearing or snagging. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to spoil your favorites, and this is the best way to keep them safe.

Pour Detergents In The Right Quantity & Place

Read your detergent package carefully. It will help you with the usage instructions and the right quantity of detergent to be used. If it’s a new washing machine, then also read its manual to understand the loading of detergents for different usages.

Leave Your Machine Lid Open After Use

Once the clothes are washed and taken out, make sure to keep the lid open. This will help it dry, smell fresh, and prevent moulds from emerging.

Ensure Timely Cleanliness

Maintaining your machine’s cleanliness is another crucial step that one must remember. Regular machine use can cause an odd smell in the machine. Even clogging and other issues can appear. To refrain from these, ensure cleaning it at regular intervals. Consult the manual for cleaning instructions and follow them thoroughly.

Don’ts Of Using A Washing Machine

Now let's look at those checkpoints that you must not avoid while using your washing machine.

Don’t Leave Your Belongings In Pockets

First things first, check the pockets. There may be a handkerchief, toy, currency, or anything in there, that if left undiscovered might cause harm to both the machine and clothes. Colorful items can run their dyes on the garment and metals can cause damage to the drainage pump or filters. Therefore, make sure to never load a cloth in the machine without the pockets checked.

Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

Excess laundry detergent will always harm the fabric quality, hence, don’t. It may even leave some residue after the wash and result in patched clothes, rather than clean. Always check the manual before use.

Don’t Jam The Machine

Yes, that’s really simple. Obviously, clothes jammed into one another won’t be able to move and won’t be cleaned properly. So, you’ll end up washing them again. Similarly, make sure to not wash a small pile of clothes in a large load cycle. This will use up more water and energy for no reason.

Don’t Leave Washed Clothes In The Machine

Once the clothes are rinsed and dried, take them out as soon as possible. The moisture of the wet clothes should not stay. This will prevent mould breakouts and nasty smells to develop in the washing machine drum. Also, as given above, leave the lid open or if required, wipe the inside with a dry cloth to prevent moisture.

In Case Of Faults, Don’t Try To Fix Things By Yourself

That’s important advice, which can save you from many blunders. Do not fix faults that are specifically related to plumbing, excess vibrations, over or underfilling, etc. These could be serious faults and would require professional help. For minor issues, such as water clogging, pipe blocking, etc. you can always consult the manual.

Isn’t It A Lot Simpler Now?

These dos and don’ts may look basic but can be the secrets behind the proper functioning of the washing machine. They’ll make your washing jobs much easier and more effective than you could imagine. So, whether you’re bringing home a new machine or upgrading your washing skills on the existing one, we’re sure this will help.

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