The Beginner’s Guide to Deep Freezers

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The Beginner's Guide to Deep Freezers


Fridges and freezers - where would we be without them? One of the main kitchen appliances that keep us happy and healthy.

Every home has a refrigerator. But sometimes, a simple fridge might not fulfil your food storage needs. Most freezer solutions in a standard refrigerator are not large enough to store your food for long periods.

That's where the deep freezer comes in! A device like this can upgrade how you keep food and reap numerous benefits. But what is a deep freezer?

Read on to get a crash course on deep freezers, what they are and how to use them best.

Intro to Deep Freezer

Before we start, a deep freezer is called such due to its space. Its deep storage is what makes this kind of freezer stand out. People also know these as chest freezers, a type of deep freezer.

This appliance has more space than other freezers and can store food for longer than other models. The storage capacity of a deep freezer is larger than most, holding from 142L to 295L.

What's The Purpose of a Deep Freezer?

As previously mentioned, a deep freezer is made to store food in bulk for long periods. In many models, food is stored in temperatures up to -25°C.

New models are being introduced to the market that work as 2-in-1 devices. These deep freezers operate as fridges and freezers, with adjustable temperatures of 10°C to -25°C.

Deep freezers are now much more practical than before, especially the Toshiba Lifestyle KSA models, which all come as 2-in-1 devices. Simple and classic appliances with features catering to each person's needs and concerns.

Should I Get a Deep Freezer?

When buying kitchen appliances, there are many factors to consider, such as:

  • If you're buying food in bulk. 
  • If you live far out from supermarkets. 
  • If you have a large family. 
  • If you're buying plenty of food during seasonal sales.

If one of the above points applies to you, then a deep freezer is a great purchase. You can guarantee the longevity of your food without exerting more time, money and energy than necessary on grocery shopping.

What Can I Store in a Deep Freezer?

You can store anything your heart desires - a deep freezer is great for storing and organising a large quantity of food for use within a few months to a year. If you meal prep, a deep freezer works wonderfully to keep a week plus worth of food fresh for the days to come.

As with a conventional freezer, storage time depends on the item. A deep freezer can store food products for a few months up to a year.

As a rule of thumb, whatever you usually store in your freezer can be stored here. Make sure you store your food safely since a deep freezer provides more room, especially when storing raw meats. Remember, it is of the utmost importance to keep these in their container to reduce the risk of contamination with other food products.

Are Deep Freezers High Maintenance?

Not really - a deep freezer is moderately low maintenance. It's recommended to clean your deep freezer once a year, ideally every season. The process is very similar to cleaning your refrigerator.

When approaching maintaining your deep freezer, remember that a regular sweep of your food is one of the best ways to keep your freezer clean.

We have another article that explains how to keep your fridge smelling fresh. These tips and tricks are handy and can seamlessly apply to a deep freezer.

The main difference between a deep freezer and a regular refrigerator is defrosting. Deep freezers require defrosting to keep them working. Since most devices require manual defrosting, a good tip is to use hot water. Once you unplug and empty your freezer, pour hot water in to accelerate the defrosting time.

In short, a deep freezer requires as much maintenance as any other refrigerator you might already own.

Where Can I Keep My Deep Freezer?

Anywhere at home! If you have a space that can fit a large freezer, you're good to go. Most people store their deep freezers in their garage, basement, or even in a small room by the kitchen.

Even though a deep freezer can go anywhere at home, you should consider a room that is already cool and not humid. You guarantee the durability of your freezer and energy efficiency.

Make sure to find a place at home that has little to no humidity. A space with more humidity will require more energy to cool since the water molecules in the air also require cooling. It will also work in your favour to find a cool room so that you don't need to set the temperature of your deep freezer too low.

Extra Features to Look for in a Deep Freezer

There are numerous other features to consider when looking for a deep freezer.

Make sure to look for things like a soft LED light - a bright and soft light will keep your deep freezer illuminated without hurting your eyes. Our deep freezers use Toshiba LED Lights, which are both durable and energy-efficient.

A deep freezer must also stay secure by being sturdy and safely sealed. Instead of using an external lock and key, get a deep freezer that is equipped with a key lock feature. You can guarantee that nobody will accidentally open and take anything out, or compromise your frozen food.

To guarantee your food's safety, ensure the base is reinforced. Every Toshiba deep freezer comes with a RAT PROTECT BASE. This means that each freezer has a steel bottom plate and no large holes. Your freezer and food will be safe and secure from rodents.

It's important to also get a freezer that's user-friendly. The Grip Handle provides an easy way to open and close the freezer. Little details like this make a difference regarding your freezer and how long it stays with you.

Your Next Deep Freezer

If storage, long-term freshness, and convenience are your main concerns - a deep freezer is ideal for you. There is a lot to consider when buying a deep freezer, but knowing what works and doesn't work for your needs is necessary.

Deep freezers work for a variety of households. Whether you're storing your meal prep, need to feed a large family, or anything else.

Stay tuned to Toshiba Lifestyle for more guides on home appliances. Check out our collection of deep freezers for some great options to consider.

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