Toshiba’s Top Load Washing Machines: Enjoy Premium Results

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Toshiba’s Top Load Washing Machines: Enjoy Premium Results


Choosing the loading style is one of the biggest challenges that consumers face while buying a new washing machine. There are certain factors for choosing between front loading and top loading washing machines, including performance and personal preference.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the top load washing machines, how they work, and their advantages. We’ll also walk you through the appealing features of Toshiba’s top load washers.

How Does a Top Load Washer Work?

All types of top load washing machines consist of two components; the control system and the mechanical system. The control system usually includes the load size selector, water temperature selector, timer, and lid locking switch. While the mechanical system is often composed of the motor, transmission, clutch, inner/outer wash tubs, agitator, pumps, water valve, suspension system, and a belt.

Top load machines are available with two technologies:

  • Agitator top load washers: Traditional top load washers use a central post with paddles called an agitator that twists back and forth and moves clothes up and down through the water to clean them.

  • Impeller top load washers: High-efficiency top load washers replace the agitator with low-profile wheels or plates known as impellers. These moving parts cause the tub to spin the clothes gently at high-speed using less water, resulting in cutting down on water consumption to help the environment and your wallet.

The vertical design of all top load washers allows laundry product dispensers such as detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners to operate through gravity and centrifugal force. It also makes it simpler to move water in and out of the washer than the action in a front load machine. Because of gravity, these washers do not typically hold water after a cycle is completed, which helps to prevent mould growth. 

In addition to the above, top load washers have many other advantages. Continue reading to discover them.

Advantages of Using a Top Load Washing Machine

Are you looking for a 15 kg washing machine? But you’re confused about choosing between top load and front load washers? Below are the advantages of top load washing machines that will help you make a decision.

  • Easier to load and add items without the need to bend over.

  • Less mould growth and unpleasant odours.

  • Often cost less than front load washers.

  • Comparatively lighter and easier to shift.

Our Top Load Washing Machines Features

The top load washing machines from Toshiba Lifestyle UAE & the Middle East will make your cleaning experience easy and quick, all thanks to their features designed just for your comfort and convenience.

So, what are these features? What makes Toshiba’s top load washing machines the best choice for your home?

1.S-DD Inverter

Our top load washers are equipped with S-DD Inverter technology that enables you to experience optimal washing results with 7 simple steps. This feature is low in noise, high in accuracy, powerful and fast in rotation, less consuming in energy, and thin and lightweight.

2.DUO Active Roller

The DUO Active Roller technology was developed to provide the same scrubbing effect of hand washing without any of the hassles. This innovation is designed to create powerful agitation to remove dirt and stains.

3.Mega Power Wash

This technology ensures a firmer grip on clothes to move in a three-dimensional rotation during the wash. It also ensures a deeper and stronger detergent penetration into the fabric, resulting in clean, vibrant, and fresh laundry.

4.Soft-Close Lid

Your safety is our top priority; therefore, we equipped our top load washing machines with the soft close lid feature that closes safely and gently without any noise and any fear of finger or hand injuries.

5.Hygiene Drum

The hygiene drum feature enables you to reduce the frequency of tub cleaning operations by at least a third. So instead of a monthly tub cleaning, you can run the routine operation every three months.

With all the ongoing innovations in laundry appliances, there are hundreds of top load washing machines to choose from. Ultimately though, the best choice depends on your specific needs. Check out Toshiba’s top load washers for some great options to consider!


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