Water Dispensers: Types, Purpose Of Use, & More

Water Dispensers: Types, Purpose Of Use, & More


Water dispensers, called water coolers, are devices that dispense cold, warm or normal room-temperature water. Everyone knows the importance of drinking enough water daily to stay hydrated and healthy. It is a great convenience for busy people on the go because they can enjoy cold drinking water on a hot day or hot water for making coffee or tea. 

Today's market offers a wide range of water dispensers to accommodate most requirements. You can choose a water dispenser to do the work whether you need it for a small or large workplace, a temporary site, or a permanent installation for hundreds of employees. These are two of the most well-liked varieties, with descriptions, pros, and cons.

Bottom load water dispenser

Bid farewell to filling your water dispenser with bulky and heavy water bottles. The bottom-load water dispensers have an added convenience feature that allows you to slip the bottle in rather than lift it. In addition to being practical, they are fashionable and space-efficient. Bottom-load water dispensers are ideal for your house.

The bottom-load water dispensers are made of high-quality, lightweight material like top load ones. The water pump they use to bring the water into the tank is the only significant variation, but it hardly affects the tank's weight. They are simple to handle and set up. Their small size is their most important asset, and they may fit into more places since the bottle is kept in the base.

The dispenser has a cap and hose that slide over the container's top and extend to the ground. You must peel off the bottle's seal before the cap is screwed. After that, slip the bottle into the water cooler's base to complete the process. As you would usually, turn on the water faucets, and the pumps draw in water as needed to fill the tanks. As well as being much less challenging than lifting a 5-gallon water jug, there is no chance of water falling on you or the floor.

Specific Features

●       bottom-load design

●       Child lock

●       Hot, cold, and room temperature water is available from three faucets.

●       A powerful compressor

●       Water tank made of durable stainless steel

●       Minimal and compact design


●       They are lightweight, which makes them more convenient and easy to transport.

●       It makes the water more accessible.

●       Delivers a continuous flow of hot and cold water.


●       It doesn't have a storage cabinet like the top load.

Top load water dispenser

Water dispensers with top loading are easy to set up. They are often simple to handle and built of lightweight, high-quality plastic. Most simply need one or two persons to move and weigh under forty pounds. They are simple to move because they connect to regular power sockets. Ensure there is a room above it to accommodate the water bottle. They can increase the dispensers' height by 1-2 feet.

Water bottles are placed on top of the cooler, and their water goes directly into the water tank. These water bottles go through a rigorous filtration process before reaching your house. Typical functions include osmosis filtration methods to kill off bacteria, UV light to break down and destroy microorganisms, and carbon filters to remove heavy metals and pesticides. Additionally, they remove any remaining chlorine, making the water in the bottle taste fresher than water straight from the faucet.

Refilling top-load water dispensers is challenging since you have to lift the bottle and set it on top of the appliance, which is more complicated than it seems. Water in five-gallon containers weighs more than 40 pounds, and lifting one improperly can result in back problems. Never take something up while stooping at the waist. Squat and use your knees to lift instead.


●       Require no plumbing connection and may be installed in almost any place.

●       Able to deliver both hot and cold water

●       Very user-friendly

●       Most bottled water used has been pre-filtered.


●       Your access to water depends on how many bottles you have.

●       The bottles must be physically changed, which can be tiring.

●       The dispenser needs periodic inspection and cleaning.

Specific Features

●       Food-grade stainless steel tank that is resistant to corrosion

●       Durable plastic for the body and faucets

●       Low power requirements

●       Operating quietly

●       Simple to remove the drip tray

●       LEDs with function indicators

●       20 Liter storage cabinet

The Bottom Line

A water dispenser is ideal for improving your water game by giving easy access to clean drinking water. You may choose various styles and models to establish your new water dispenser routines.

Several dispensers match your surroundings or add a bit of contemporary flair to the workplace. Thankfully, Toshiba Lifestyle Middle East has launched its bottom-load and top-load water dispensers line. You can choose as per your needs. 

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