Your Guide to Buying a Washing Machine

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Your Guide to Buying a Washing Machine


Having a reliable washing machine is essential for every home, and with so many different options available, finding the right appliances for your needs can be challenging. Toshiba Lifestyle, the best washing machine brand, will help you find the ideal model for your home and needs. 

Our washing machine buying guide outlines the essential features you need to consider to make the right choice for your household. Read on to learn about washing machines’ loading types, function types, and capacities.

Washing Machine Loading Type

When discussing the loading type, you have to choose between the front load washing machine and the top load washing machine. Below we will provide an overview of both types:

Front Load Washer

Front-load washing machines are strong, less noisy, equipped with many features, and many wash programs. They also offer the best wash quality among all washing machine types.

As the name suggests, they need to be loaded and unloaded from the front. These machines have a single tub for washing and drying, consuming less water and electricity than top load machines.

Top Load Washer

A top load washer is a washing machine that features a lid at the top. These are generally larger than front loaders and allow for comfortable loading and unloading due to their height, and are ideal for families and those with adequate space. However, an important consideration before purchasing a top loader is ensuring that you have enough space above the machine to open the lid.

Washing Machine Function Type

There are two function types; semiautomatic and fully automatic, which we will be talking about next.

Semiautomatic Washing Machines

Semiautomatic washing machines have two drums, one for washing and the other for drying. They consume less power, let you control the amount of water needed, and allow you to add or remove clothes in the middle of a wash cycle. These washers are inexpensive compared to other types because they require manual work.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines are the latest technologies developed by manufacturers. They come with several programs and washing modes that will work at the push of a button. Compared with semiautomatic washers, these are more expensive, heavier and need to be hooked to an open water supply. It may sound like those machines consume more energy and water than is environmentally acceptable. However, with the advancement of technology, they are equipped with more intelligent and more efficient processes to save energy and regulate water consumption. 

Washing Machine Capacity

When searching for a new washing machine, one of your most significant considerations will be the machine's capacity, which refers to the amount of laundry a washing machine can wash in one load.

The washing machine capacity is specified in kilograms. It ranges from about 4kg up to 18kg to suit a variety of households. Below we will give you an idea for whom different-sized washing machines are ideal:

  • 4kg-6kg: Singles or couples

  • 7kg-8kg: Small household (Family of 3-4)

  • 9kg-10kg: Medium household (Family of 4-5)

  • 10kg+: Large household (Family of 5+)

When you choose a washing machine capacity, there are different factors you need to consider, such as your household size and needs, the amount and kind of load, how often it will be used, and how much physical space you have available.

Whatever it is that you need, Toshiba has the washing machine to cover it, such as the 8kg, the 10kg, and the 12kg washing machine that is equipped with S-DD inverter technology which enables you to experience optimal washing results with 7 simple steps.

We hope this guide has been helpful and will assist you in choosing the best new washing machine for your home. Stay tuned for more buying guides on home appliances from Toshiba Lifestyle.

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