The Best Way to Organize a Refrigerator: 8 Simple Tips

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The Best Way to Organize a Refrigerator: 8 Simple Tips


Do you own a multi door refrigerator? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the volume of space available? Or are you looking for the best way to organize a refrigerator? This guide can help arrange your kitchen companion neatly and conveniently.

A well-kept refrigerator may aid you in making your culinary creations come to life by acting as your dependable kitchen helper. Multi-door refrigerators keep your items stylishly adaptable while bringing slick accessibility to your kitchen.

If you need to gain organizing skills to arrange fridge essentials in your 4 doors refrigerator, here are some tips to organize a fridge and utilize maximum storage space:

1. Clean Before Organizing

The best way to organize a refrigerator and keep your food items fresh near all year is cleaning it thoroughly. Remove everything from the refrigerator so that you can quickly clean up any dirt, stains, or spills that have dried.

If you're concerned about food spoiling, you may also prepare your meal in parts. Another choice is temporarily storing your perishable food products in a cooler filled with ice.

When organizing a brand-new refrigerator, you should clean and disinfect it properly before arranging items. We also recommend reading the 5 tips to keep a fridge smelling fresh and prevent unpleasant odors from occurring in it.

2. Put Perishables in Front Spots

Out of sight, out of mind, you know the phrase. It is common to overlook items like apples, berries, and eggs because they are tucked away at the back of a shelf or behind a cover. Putting the perishable items into colanders, crates, and tiny fruit bowls is recommended before placing them prominently where everyone can see them. It will help your family to use perishables first and reduce food waste.

3. Keep Fruits and Vegetables Separately

Most fruits emit a gas that might hasten the breakdown of veggies. You are likely well aware of separating your fruits and veggies. Instead of throwing all your fruits and veggies into one drawer, take it a step further and segregate those items with a divided drawer to make your refrigerator a visual feast. The divided drawer simplifies meal preparation and motivates your children to grab a nutritious after-school snack.

French door refrigerators are multi door refrigerators that offer ultimate flexible storage for fruits, vegetables, and other food items. This is one of the top 5 reasons to buy a french door refrigerator!

4. Add Labels to Food Items

Labeling your food products is the best way to organize a refrigerator and a fantastic way to remember what's in your fridge and how long it's been there. Labeling various products in the freezer with varying storage durations, dates, and names might help reduce food waste. If you have stacked your food items in clear storage bins, you can label the bins too.

It will make it easier for your family members to find what they want and guarantee that everything is back in the fridge where it belongs. The list includes everything from dairy and processed meats to leftovers, snacks, sweets, and much more.

5. Place Food Items in Appropriate Spots

Your refrigerator has different temperatures in different parts. The top shelf and entry door areas are frequently the warmest areas, while the middle and lower levels gradually get cooler.

To prevent spoilage, store condiments in the door storage area, dairy products, eggs, and produce in the crisper, and refrigerate all other items. However, by placing everything in its proper spot, you can increase the food's shelf life and save on your grocery shop expenses.

6. Protect Your Refrigerator Shelves

Storing meat and fish on the bottom shelf is an excellent option. That's the best way to organize a refrigerator and a great idea because the juice from any leaking brown paper-wrapped products won't spill onto anything else. Putting the ribbed liners on the refrigerator shelves promotes airflow around your food and prevents mold and mildew growth. You can also make cleanup a breeze by adding liners to your shelf and crispers.

7. Avoid Keeping Milk in the Fridge Door

The door's interior is one of the hottest parts. Therefore, you should avoid placing milk there and prefer the middle shelf since it has stable temperatures and is less likely to spoil.

The same applies to eggs; if your door has an egg section, don't use it. Keep condiments, which are often salty and rich in vinegar, inside the door. And if your refrigerator has specific compartments for dairy and sandwich meats, be sure to use them.

8. Group Similar Food Items Together

Do you enjoy admiring packaging boxes and plastic bags inside your fridge? No one does. Remove the packing from your fruit, eggs, yogurt cups, sparkling water cans, and other food items. Then, group and arrange your products according to category using clear, complementary containers. By doing this, you can make your fridge seem more unified and make sure you can see everything within.

To keep similar products accessible and ready to grab, keep them together in transparent baskets. Baskets may include sauces, leftovers, sandwich fixings, and smoothie components.

The Takeaway

Learn the layout of your multi door refrigerator to maintain organization and prevent food waste. Understanding what’s the best way to organize a refrigerator effectively is necessary to keep your food stays fresher for a long time.

Experience an intuitive layout and premium features with refrigerators from Toshiba Middle East. We offer a wide selection of refrigerators designed carefully to keep your food organized and fresh.

For more useful tips, take a look at the Smart Freezer Organization Ideas that will help make your life a lot easier when it comes to getting food out of the freezer. Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful guides on home appliances!

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